This is a place for me to post my videos and also post articles that I find interesting. This way I or anyone else can quickly find these things.

This is a great blog post that finds a Parallel between British Rock and Roll music in the 60’s and Balloon Sculpting.

 Trip To Belgium and The Millennium Jam Convention

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7


The below is a video that I made that is a picture montage of everything I made in one year, my first year of balloon twisting.


2nd Year Montage of everything I made during the second year.

3rd Year Montage of Everything I made that year.


Birthday balloon I made for my daughter of a blue bird on a swing on a tree that really swings.



The video below is of my winning Atlanta entry for T Jam on the Road’s, Whatever You Can Fit Through the Door Contest. It is a balloon Dalek costume that I call EXTERMINFLATE! After the jam was over I gave the balloon Dalek costume to a couple college kids and they gave it a test run. I felt very much like a surrogate mother giving her baby away,lol.



This is a super cute video of a toddler running around in a Dalek costume that I made for a friend for Conooga.



Video of Cat in the Hat display I made for my Kiddo’s school.

My most prized creation. Tree Lady and Girl in Mourning. Something I made to work out and process and express my own feelings of grief for my mother who is battling and losing to cancer.












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