Resources for Cool Stuff for Balloon Artists

1. Here are some must have t-shirts for balloon artists.

2. Best documentary about balloon art that you will ever see, Balloon Hat.

Balloon artist Addi Somekh and photographer Charlie Eckert go around the world making balloon hats for people and take their pictures and the impact they make is astoundingly beautiful.

3. Best show about balloon art, The Unpoppables.

The Unpoppables features Addi Somekh, of Balloonhat, Katie Laibstain aka Katie Balloons, and Brian Asman. They make the kinds of balloons I hope to even dream about making one day. This is what balloon sculpting should be, this is the Holy Grail! I want to go to there! This is my goal in life!

A castle, the Eiffel Tower, fire truck with a fireman putting a fire out, and more and all out of balloons! I love that they show how things go wrong and how they pull through and the social dynamic and millieu is very interesting as well. These are people you would love to hang out with as well as admire.

My head exploded while watching every episode! I know yours will too!

Epsiode 1

Episode 2

Epsiode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6


Websites geared towards balloon knowledge

1. A kind of catch all with all kinds of info.

2. Here is a another great blog made by Sue Bowler CBA. I hope to learn from her via this blog and practice things she talks and teaches about like balloon wall how to’s for example.

3. This is of course a helpful resource, the Qualatex balloon website itself. It is especially helpful if you want to start down the road to getting your CBA. You will first have to become a Qualatex Balloon Network Member and pass 3 tests prior to the CBA, Certified Balloon Artist test.

4. Here is a great forum with really awesome and supportive balloon artists. One can talk balloon talk and share their work like a giant show an tell.

Techniques and Tools

1. Here is a post I made where one may learn how to make your own Mylar Balloons and Agates.

2. Wheat Weave

Here is an example of what you can do with a wheat weave. This is a wreath I made using this technique. Link to resource below picture. 🙂


3. Sidewall Bubble

If you ever hope to make the great insane designs by Nifty Balloons, then you are going to have to become one with this technique,lol. Link to YouTube sidewall bubble tutorial below.

4. Invoices

Sometimes you will be asked to make an invoice for a customer.  There are sites that will give you free trials. Even if you don’t eventually subscribe, it is great for giving you an idea of what they should look like.


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