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535th Balloon Sculpture, Tigger’s Got A Brand New Head


I made a brand new head as when I drove it to work to give and surprise my boss with it, the hot car ride was very unkind to the head. She still loved it but I wanted it to be perfect for her.

This time I secured things much more solidly and did head replacement surgery. I think the second head looks more Tiggerific than the first one!

What do you think, which head do you like better, see previous post, 534th Balloon Sculpture for 1st rendition to compare.


410nth and 411nth Balloon Sculptures, Fall Tree and Winnie the Pooh


I have been experimenting with distortion and I came up with this Winnie the Pooh as result. I am very proud of it. I also just jumped in and made this tree, I just followed my intuition.  I just felt very inspired and in the zone.

I decided I wanted Pooh playing with fall leaves and am also proud of my concept. I am wanting to practice visualizing a scene in my head like I did this one and manifesting them into reality. I want to tell visual stories with balloons.

I also just whipped him up a little hunny pot.

These are all original Patricia Balloona designs as well as the playing in fall leaves concept.

I also wanted it to look like leaves were in motion falling and hope that came through.

Below are pictures of my work and I hope you like it as much as it was fun and exciting for me to make. I just made it for myself to enjoy.

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