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531st Balloon Sculpture, Mouse Bouquet Take 3


528th Balloon Sculpture, Mouse Bouquet


I made this as a gift for one of my daughter’s teachers. Just something to say thank you for being so good to my kid. I know she is really into Minnie so that is what I made her. She loved it! Yay!

311nth Balloon Sculpture, Magic Mouse Number 3


I made Dylan Gelinas Magic Mouse, on top of a Niko Fric style 3. I added my own touches by making some newly come to life brooms, one carrying a pail of water and another climbing the 3. This arrangement is my design,

I decided to go with a primary color theme and I think everything worked really well together.

Pics below. I am finding some very interesting features on my camera and am playing around with the different modes,lol.

balloon 052

balloon 015