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537th Balloon Sculpture, Raccoon in a Stump Bouquet



I came up with this raccoon bouquet today and am super proud of it.

I am going to randomly give it out to someone today. šŸ™‚

It is “popping” out of a stump and attempting to win someone over with a rose.

Hope you like it and that it brings some joy in your day!



532nd Balloon Sculpture, Water Nymph Bouquet



518th Balloon Sculpture, Owl Always Love You Bouquet


A couple who are both friends of mine have a mug with two brown love owls sitting on a perch together.

I couldn’t help but be inspired and I have been wanting to make them something for several months now and when I saw the mug, that was it- I knew right then that that would be the perfect balloon gift piece.

I decided to spruce up the color scheme instead of everything being blush, brown and red like on the mug.

I came up with this as a result. I made my patented ribbon stuffed balloons, my personal innovation as far as I know, for the base and decided on this color scheme of rose, hot pink, Caribbean blue, white, mocha brown, goldenrod and lime greenĀ  which really pops. šŸ™‚

I wanted the chest on the owls to really stand out and look feathery so I made some loop weaves and I really like how everything came out. It stands at 4 ft. tall. For some reason I really like making things that are 4 ft. tall, lol. I think one of my personal balloon strengths are bouquets so I will continue

Hope you like it and Happy Twisting!



516th Balloon Sculpture, Another Flower In The Wall


I made this recently for my mother. She has managed to hang in there much longer than the doctors predicted, a year more so far. She has gotten to the point where Hospice is coming to her home now and feels like her time is coming to a close any day now.

She has breast cancer that has spread to her whole body. My mother loves flowers and has always said that you can never have too many of them. She loves things like lattice too and especially flowers growing on it.

I altered a star weave and came up with this as a background and wall as a result. I put loads of all kinds of flowers on it as well as some butterflies. I decided to model my butterflies after butterfly wall stickers and really love how they came out. The flowers I learned from Sergey Loginov and Sharovdav on YouTube. šŸ™‚

I made purple the dominant color purple for her birth stone, February is Amethyst.

I felt bad that I was in a creative lull when her birthday came and just didn’t have it in me to make her a birthday balloon.

So this was my gift to her this week and she loved it which made me very happy. I spent a lot of time on it, how much I didn’t pay attention as I never do- I like to just be in flow, and it brought me a lot of peace making it.

Hope you like it and Happy Twisting!





514th Balloon Sculpture, Big Bloom Bouquet


I just created this and am very proud of it. This is a Patricia Balloona original.

Something about the color combo just makes me feel so peaceful and like I am breathing in color and vibrancy.

I hope you like it and Happy Twisting!



307nth Balloon Sculpture, Ken Stillman Flower Bouquet and My First News Article


I had come across Ken Stillman’s YouTube tutorial for a beautiful balloon flower bouquet a while ago and just now got to it,lol.

He has lot of balloon tutorials out there but this was my first time watching and learning from one. I plan on investing in some to pay for tutorials and or DVD’s he has made sometime this year. Link to his YouTube tutorial for flower bouquet, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N08fWDYtEnE.

It is just lovely. I made some modifications to it. I alternated between pink and rose colors rather than using just one color for the flowers and I madeĀ 9 stems rather then 7. I used neon balloons for bow and ribbon like trim on the bottom.

I may have used a bigger plate, I can’t remember the size he used in video but I have a feeling the one I used was bigger. I actually ended up taking it off anyhow,lol.

My bouquet turned out to be 34 inches tall.

I gave it to as awesome lady named Barb Storm who works at the MACC. She had some papers savedĀ for me with an article about me winning the decorating contest and so when I went to get them,Ā  IĀ wanted to bringĀ her something and she recently had a birthday afterall. She absolutely loved it! And I loved seeing my first news article about me, how exciting is that?

Picture of my bouquet replication and article


balloon 017

balloon 020