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532nd Balloon Sculpture, Water Nymph Bouquet



528th Balloon Sculpture, Mouse Bouquet


I made this as a gift for one of my daughter’s teachers. Just something to say thank you for being so good to my kid. I know she is really into Minnie so that is what I made her. She loved it! Yay!

527th Balloon Sculpture, Toy Soldier


I am going to carry on via Tumblr too to try it out. Here is a balloon Toy Soldier I made recently. He is 11 ft. tall! Happy Twisting!



526th Balloon Sculpture, Winter Solstice Fairy

526th Balloon Sculpture, Winter Solstice Fairy

Well, it is that time of year again. The Winter Solstice is almost here! It is a time for reflecting on light.

I came up with this idea to make a  winter fairy who would be a bringer of light. The photos don’t do this piece justice, it is soooo much cooler in person.

This is a Patricia Balloona original design. 🙂 I drew the eyes on paper and then cut the eyes out and taped it to the balloon as I was afraid to take the chance as I am a bit rusty on drawing faces on balloons, it has been a while.

A friend of mine introduced me to Fairy Lights and of course I had to implement it with my balloon work. I think I did something pretty innovative for wings. I put the fairy in fairy lights son!

Hope you like it and find this idea inspiring. I did a bit a mixed of media with feathers and lights and I really love how she came out! I also really love the way the flower came out. It is my take on an Iris flower.

I originally made the skirt one way and then went back and made it a little fuller. Not sure which I like better. Pics of both included. You be the decider. 🙂

Happy Twisting!









523rd Balloon Sculpture, Seal and Penguin Bouquet

523rd Balloon Sculpture, Seal and Penguin Bouquet

I came up with and made this Seal and Penguin bouquet yesterday. The penguin is modeled after a Tatyana DjeTa Lyashko penguin design, though I altered it.

The flower is not my design. I learned how to make it via YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/MrFingersman.

The overall design is mine as well as the seal.

I am going to just give it away to someone today and am trying to figure out how to go about it.

Hope you like it, it is over 3 ft tall!