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536th Balloon Sculpture, Peacock and Callas Lily Bouquet


I have always wanted to make a peacock. I made the tail feathers differently than anyone else has, at least to my knowledge, and also made the tail feathers folded down also to be different. I also figured out how to make Callas Lily’s in a different way. I made this piece for myself to enjoy and also for my guests to enjoy.

I feel like I am on the verge of something with the wing design I am playing around with. I need to play around with it some more but I have some ideas I want to implement and came across something interesting when making the wing for this.

Hope you like it and that it brings you some joy!





534th Balloon Sculpture, Painting a Portrait of a Friend


520th and 521st Balloon Sculptures, Spanish Shawl and Skirt


I came up with these designs with the goal of making wearable easy to put on and off balloon apparel.

I made shawl and skirt both with Spanish Flair that can be easily put on over shirt and pants. I added feathers for a nice multi media effect.

These resulted from playing around and experimenting with balloons here at my house.

This has spawned even more ideas and concepts that I hope to apply in the future.

Hope you find these interesting.

Happy Twisting!



519nth Balloon Sculpture, First Dress


Well a friend of mine gave me a mannequin and I decided to try out making my first balloon dress.

I did a star weave for the skirt and I meant for the skirt to come out way poofier but I have an idea of how to fix that for next time. I actually learned something really cool by experimenting with this and if I can pull of what I have in my head, it will be amazing!

I also learned that neons are not the best for this as the color fades after a few twists. They start losing the sheen as you can see towards the middle of the dress.

I wanted to try something different with the top and experimented with this brick look that also gives it a tube top feel. I like exploring what if. I like that this is totally different than any other dress I have seen.

I came up with this style of butterfly that I used in my 516th Balloon Sculpture, Another Flower In The Wall piece and applied it here.

Making this gave me ideas for things I want to try out for the next dress piece.

I am pretty pleased with my first try. I learned a lot and while it isn’t what I had originally envisioned, it ain’t bad for a first go. It is actually way prettier in person.



4th Balloon Sculpting Anniversary


Hello folks!

Well Sept 27th 2016 made for my 4th year balloon sculpting anniversary.

I am finally at a point where I can get back to normal life and I feel ready to get back into balloon art. Yes there will be a 5th year!

A lot has happened this past year. I got to go to Belgium and attend my first ever balloon convention at The Millenium Jam. I got to meet and hangout with Addi Somekh for a little bit. I actually flew on a plane across an ocean which was a huge deal for me! I discovered that I had been severely and dangerously sleep deprived for several years and have sleep apnea and got a cpap machine. I was at the point where my body was freaking out and I was having uncontrollable anxiety attacks that felt like heart attacks that caused me to faint.

In the summer my mother died and I found out she was NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and had used her daughters for money and pitted us against each other and that basically everything she ever told me and them was a lie. That was pretty damn hard to process let me tell you. I saw a lot of messed up stuff in the end of her life unfold, stuff right out of a most bizarre Lifetime movie. I have been studying about the sickness and reading books on how to process and cope with being a survivor of an NPD parent and how to not pass on NDP damages to your child.

My husband and I celebrated our 14th anniversary, he is the love of my life. He and my daughter are my world. I turned 34 and I also got a hospitality pass to my city and got to go to all my city’s attractions for free with friends and family. We did just about every single thing on the list. Talk about eventful!

I dabbled and discovered some other arts and found that I took to them like water as well.

Here is some jewelry I made recently. I made the ocean wave pendant that was a total awesome fluke with how great it turned out and came up with the snail pendant, an original Patricia Gordon design, and turned them into necklaces as well and I made beaded bracelets. Design of the bracelet is Jill Wiseman, the bracelets below are my replications of her design and the colors I chose. I also made a clay sculpture of my original balloon fox.

“Life is a buffet and most poor suckers are starving to death! Live live live!” Auntie Mame

There is a whole world of wonder all around us! So many things to try, appreciate, share and experience.

I suck at tons of things and barely qualify to be an adult,lol. but I can be creative and I can make things that are beautiful. God has given us all gifts and abilities and they were meant to make each other lives more beautiful and help each other.


And now here is a video of my 4th year balloon twisting anniversary. I only made 14 pieces but they were original pieces, some with accents of other’s designs but overall original pieces.

Happy Twisting!

516th Balloon Sculpture, Another Flower In The Wall


I made this recently for my mother. She has managed to hang in there much longer than the doctors predicted, a year more so far. She has gotten to the point where Hospice is coming to her home now and feels like her time is coming to a close any day now.

She has breast cancer that has spread to her whole body. My mother loves flowers and has always said that you can never have too many of them. She loves things like lattice too and especially flowers growing on it.

I altered a star weave and came up with this as a background and wall as a result. I put loads of all kinds of flowers on it as well as some butterflies. I decided to model my butterflies after butterfly wall stickers and really love how they came out. The flowers I learned from Sergey Loginov and Sharovdav on YouTube. 🙂

I made purple the dominant color purple for her birth stone, February is Amethyst.

I felt bad that I was in a creative lull when her birthday came and just didn’t have it in me to make her a birthday balloon.

So this was my gift to her this week and she loved it which made me very happy. I spent a lot of time on it, how much I didn’t pay attention as I never do- I like to just be in flow, and it brought me a lot of peace making it.

Hope you like it and Happy Twisting!





Adventures in Belgium and 1st Balloon Convention Part 7


It is Thursday, November 12th 2015.

Last day of the convention. I am all about the workshops baby.

I go to this guy named Peter Kramer’s workshop and I was so blown away.  If you ever see his name anywhere at an event and he is teaching, trust me, you will want to get front row seats.

This guy is cool. He has great Jois De Vivre and has tips and tricks I have never seen before anywhere and he blows the mind. His tips and tricks are amazingly simple but highly stylish, exciting and entertaining. You could be a highly experienced twister and be like, “Oh my God, you just made twisting so much more fun and amazing, I have to do this now all the time!”


When he shows us his twin-twist technique, I realize that that is what I had been doing all along to make my pixelated characters, albeit just a tad differently but same concept and overall mechanics. It was something I just figured out and I thought it was the pinch line technique I was doing but it wasn’t. I would learn the pinch line technique later that day from a workshop by Antonio Becares Rodriguez, the creator of the technique. I realized in Antonio’s class that I really did not know the pinch line technique after all, it was exciting!

So anyway, I will have to go back and edit my posts with this new information!

I just loved this workshop, his and Antonio’s were actually my top 2 favorite workshops.

I then go to another Russian workshop where they teach us how to make a rooster that opened my mind to even more possibilities that can be done with balloons and it was amazing. I loved it.

Then I learned how to make the prettiest balloon legs ever made via Ken Stillman’s workshop. These legs would give Betty Grable a run for her money and her legs were insured by Lloyd’s of London for 1 million dollars thanks to 20th Century Fox! I love old movies and realize that most people will not get my Grable reference, lol! Check out his site,

http://click.balloonmaster.com to learn all kinds of amazing things from him.

Then my last workshop was Antonio Becares Rodriguez’s. This guy is super entertaining and is a really cool guy. He wears a top hat and the most colorful wonderful pants that his mother makes him and they are just fabulous!

In his class, I must have shouted Oh My God! a dozen times. He would say,”Please, I am not God, I am just Antonio.” and he was hilarious and had a great sense of humor.


This guy is amazing. I learned his pinch-line technique and I was just floored that all this time I thought I knew it but no, I did not man! It is awesome. He showed us all kinds of mind blowing, amazing, oh my god did that just happen! kinds of techniques that I am still not sure I really saw or are in fact real they are so amazing.  If you ever see this guy anywhere- just follow him, watch him, attend anything he is teaching, he is an amazing balloon whisperer.  Check out his site, https://globosaltea.wordpress.com/pinch-line-technique-dvd/

So I just had the best day of workshops ever which was wonderful for the last day.

I had dinner with Graham, Thelma and Rob. It was an amazing dinner and we played can you guess what song I am humming. I just loved their company and it was sad that I wouldn’t get to hang out with them anymore. The meal I had was lovely and delicious. I took pictures of all the food, lol. Rob is a dear, just a super sweet and meek guy and he is exactly how I would want my son to be if I ever had a son. He is a still waters run deep kind of a person and I just loved him.

I think Rob had to run when we got dessert. Me and Thelma got some waffles for dessert and they were horrible, I mean HORRIBLE! We couldn’t even eat them after one bite. We just ate the ice-cream that was on the top. Graham insisted that we were not going to pay for our waffles. He stood up for us and championed for us and we didn’t pay for the waffles and the server was very nice and we tipped him nicely.  I really admired how principled Graham is. He didn’t think it was right to pay for something that bad and if he doesn’t something think something is right he will stand up and say something.

Thelma is one of the most thoughtful people you could ever meet. She would tip people she didn’t have to tip because she just wanted to show  a person that their caring and being nice mattered. She dropped off little gifts for lots of different people throughout the convention and is just a person always thinking of other people and likes to do things for you to show you she cares.

They were both very welcoming, inclusive and both have great sense of humors and don’t take themselves too seriously. They treat people well and they notice the things that often get overlooked and appreciate things that often go unappreciated.

After dinner was over I sat with Colin Myles who is Scottish and the Russian instructors who just arrived at the restaurant for just a little bit and visited with them. The U.S.A. and places people liked and wanted to go came up in conversation. It was neat getting to talk to them all a little. I had had a whole beer again so I was quite affected and couldn’t walk very well, lol. I mostly listened and loved hearing everyone’s accents.


Then it was time for the Gala. The final event of the whole thing. There were awesome performances and award ceremonies.

I was preoccupied with trying to track down Liz as I promised to buy her a drink and I couldn’t find her. When I saw her right hand gal Clare at the bar I bought she and Liz a drink which made me feel like I could relax finally and made me really happy. It meant a lot to me to be able to do that as they had been so generous and nurturing to me. They were sitting several tables behind me.

I sat with Tanya during the Gala and that was nice. Tanya to me is like Sam from Lord of the Rings. She is a very faithful kind of friend and she is all in and just a lovely hearted person. Tanya, Liz and Clare are some of the most beautiful hearted people you could ever hope to meet. They will take great care of you and make you feel loved and at home. I really loved how they treated people, it wasn’t just with me but with everyone. They are just natural nurturers.

I will just say that I had very conflicted feelings during the Gala. I felt very confused and didn’t know what to feel, I felt many different feelings. I had heart melting conversations and encouragements. I felt extremely alone and also extremely close to people. It was interesting.

I talked to a guy named Dan who is just a super guy and full of joy, and he teared up when talking about his wife and kids and I just think he is a beautiful soul. We were both home sick and missing our loved ones. He had like a glow about him. He just glowed, he could totally be cast as an angel in a play.

There are so many things I can’t talk about when it comes to this trip both negative and extremely positive which is killing the journalist in me but people come first. I feel like I would be show-boating and cheapening the tender and meaningful moments if I shared them here because I don’t know how it would make the other parties feel if I shared them. I don’t want them to feel like I am trying to capitalize on their emotional gifts to me. The emotional gifts I received were my reward and I still can’t believe they happened. I got the most beautiful compliments I have and ever will receive.

I learned from this that I don’t want to go around competing, I have no interest trying to make a name for myself that way and the pieces I want to focus on making will never meet the criteria for judging. I want to strive for excellence of connection, not perfection. I am an idealist of impractical proportions, lol. There is a bigger fish to fry  and a bigger picture that I want to venture towards.

I realized during this trip what I personally want out of balloon art and what my aspirations with it are. The purpose of art is to make the invisible visible and it became very clear to me what that means for me. I want to make purposeful art geared towards the world at large. I don’t want to make art for other artists. My focus will be on content, not on form or craft.

“XTC versus Adam Ant

Content versus form

Fighting for their place in rock and roll

There is no right or wrong”

XTC vs Adam Ant, They Might Be Giants

Both craft and content are important but there is definitely a tendency to focus on one or the other.

I hope to have my craft developed enough that I can manifest well what I have in my mind but I am going to manifest what I have in my mind no matter what. I have to share what I have inside me to say and I have something important to say. I have my own voice. This is what I want out of balloons and myself.


I left the event at 2 a.m. to pack. My time ended with me sharing a taxi with 2 other people at 4:30 a.m.  You could still hear music blaring from the resort from the gala even from way outside.

I rode the train all the way to Brussells airport with a lady named Melissa. Again I didn’t have to travel alone and scared. Our flights were just 30 minutes apart. She is an amazing person. She was the same person who gave me crackers and water when I was starting to have a panic attack.

I cried a lot on the plane. I cried a lot in general. It was a very intense experience with amazing highs and lows. I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats. I had given up on ever hoping to go to a convention and can’t believe I got to go to one in Europe of all places!

While I was flying across the Atlantic ocean, there were horrific terrorist attacks happening in Paris. The perpetrators and planning took place in Brussels Belgium, the place that I just left! Wow. I feel so lucky and blessed to be home. I feel so sad for folks back in Paris and folks across Europe. Stay safe please.

My husband had a really hard time while I was away. Our dishwasher broke, computer monitor broke, puppy had diarrhea, daughter got sick,  the car needed repair, and the puppy chewed up the kitchen floor. He was happy for me that I got to have this experience.

He made a huge sacrifice for me to go to this event both mentally and emotionally and monetarily. He and my daughter mean the world to me and I am so happy to be back home. I will miss and treasure everyone I got to meet and can call friend. I conquered many fears on this trip and because of this adventure, I am not afraid to say yes to more.

Thank You All for the wonderful memories!


(Photo above courtesy of Dan Catt. I am wearing the Panda hat, Graham made it.)

2015-11-12 22.54.102015-11-12 22.55.22

Hat that I made below.

2015-11-12 14.58.362015-11-12 13.05.35

2015-11-09 20.10.23