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537th Balloon Sculpture, Raccoon in a Stump Bouquet



I came up with this raccoon bouquet today and am super proud of it.

I am going to randomly give it out to someone today. ūüôā

It is “popping” out of a stump and attempting to win someone over with a rose.

Hope you like it and that it brings some joy in your day!



519nth Balloon Sculpture, First Dress


Well a friend of mine gave me a mannequin and I decided to try out making my first balloon dress.

I did a star weave for the skirt and I meant for the skirt to come out way poofier but I have an idea of how to fix that for next time. I actually learned something really cool by experimenting with this and if I can pull of what I have in my head, it will be amazing!

I also learned that neons are not the best for this as the color fades after a few twists. They start losing the sheen as you can see towards the middle of the dress.

I wanted to try something different with the top and experimented with this brick look that also gives it a tube top feel. I like exploring what if. I like that this is totally different than any other dress I have seen.

I came up with this style of butterfly that I used in my 516th Balloon Sculpture, Another Flower In The Wall piece and applied it here.

Making this gave me ideas for things I want to try out for the next dress piece.

I am pretty pleased with my first try. I learned a lot and while it isn’t what I had originally envisioned, it ain’t bad for a first go. It is actually way prettier in person.



4th Balloon Sculpting Anniversary


Hello folks!

Well Sept 27th 2016 made for my 4th year balloon sculpting anniversary.

I am finally at a point where I can get back to normal life and I feel ready to get back into balloon art. Yes there will be a 5th year!

A lot has happened this past year. I got to go to Belgium and attend my first ever balloon convention at The Millenium Jam. I got to meet and hangout with Addi Somekh for a little bit. I actually flew on a plane across an ocean which was a huge deal for me! I discovered that I had been severely and dangerously sleep deprived for several years and have sleep apnea and got a cpap machine. I was at the point where my body was freaking out and I was having uncontrollable anxiety attacks that felt like heart attacks that caused me to faint.

In the summer my mother died and I found out she was NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and had used her daughters for money and pitted us against each other and that basically everything she ever told me and them was a lie. That was pretty damn hard to process let me tell you. I saw a lot of messed up stuff in the end of her life unfold, stuff right out of a most bizarre Lifetime movie. I have been studying about the sickness and reading books on how to process and cope with being a survivor of an NPD parent and how to not pass on NDP damages to your child.

My husband and I celebrated our 14th anniversary, he is the love of my life. He and my daughter are my world. I turned 34 and I also got a hospitality pass to my city and got to go to all my city’s attractions for free with friends and family. We did just about every single thing on the list. Talk about eventful!

I dabbled and discovered some other arts and found that I took to them like water as well.

Here is some jewelry I made recently. I made the ocean wave pendant that was a total awesome fluke with how great it turned out and came up with the snail pendant, an original Patricia Gordon design, and turned them into necklaces as well and I made beaded bracelets. Design of the bracelet is Jill Wiseman, the bracelets below are my replications of her design and the colors I chose. I also made a clay sculpture of my original balloon fox.

“Life is a buffet and most poor suckers are starving to death! Live live live!” Auntie Mame

There is a whole world of wonder all around us! So many things to try, appreciate, share and experience.

I suck at tons of things and barely qualify to be an adult,lol. but I can be creative and I can make things that are beautiful. God has given us all gifts and abilities and they were meant to make each other lives more beautiful and help each other.


And now here is a video of my 4th year balloon twisting anniversary. I only made 14 pieces but they were original pieces, some with accents of other’s designs but overall original pieces.

Happy Twisting!

516th Balloon Sculpture, Another Flower In The Wall


I made this recently for my mother. She has managed to hang in there much longer than the doctors predicted, a year more so far. She has gotten to the point where Hospice is coming to her home now and feels like her time is coming to a close any day now.

She has breast cancer that has spread to her whole body. My mother loves flowers and has always said that you can never have too many of them. She loves things like lattice too and especially flowers growing on it.

I altered a star weave and came up with this as a background and wall as a result. I put loads of all kinds of flowers on it as well as some butterflies. I decided to model my butterflies after butterfly wall stickers and really love how they came out. The flowers I learned from Sergey Loginov and Sharovdav on YouTube. ūüôā

I made purple the dominant color purple for her birth stone, February is Amethyst.

I felt bad that I was in a creative lull when her birthday came and just didn’t have it in me to make her a birthday balloon.

So this was my gift to her this week and she loved it which made me very happy. I spent a lot of time on it, how much I didn’t pay attention as I never do- I like to just be in flow, and it brought me a lot of peace making it.

Hope you like it and Happy Twisting!





Adventures in Belgium, 1st Balloon Convention TMJ Part 6


It is Day 6, Wednesday Nov 11th.

I got 4 hrs. of sleep and head back to the Jam Room and get there at 9 a.m. I decide whatever happens, I am just going to work on my piece until 2 p.m. and call it done because I would like attend some workshops and I have already missed out on a full day of workshops the previous day.

I get to making the Little Girl in Mourning part and get she and the tombstone going. I am exhausted and extremely homesick at this point. People are really into what I am making and they start taking pictures with it and pictures of me with it and pictures of themselves with me with it.

(Photos below courtesy of Elizabeth Jacob)



(Photo below Courtesy of Daniel Jefferson)


I met some super fans too which was so cool, I have super fans?! They knew who I was and follow my blog and my work on FB. It was very touching, they were excited to see me and meet me and took pictures with me.

I had really powerful exchanges with people as they would tell me about losing their mother when they were a little kid and how my piece really resonated¬†with them. I was amazed at how people got the story, I didn’t have to explain anything. I would hear people explaining the story to other people and it was amazing. “The little girl’s mother died and was buried and then the mother¬†became a tree and is watching over her little girl.” I even saw a mother and father explaining what was happening to their small children!

Graham breaks up the seriousness¬†by putting a couple Panda’s he made¬†with the flowers on my Tree Lady piece, lol. He was very obsessed with making pandas. You know how some people are alcoholics? Well I think he may be a Pandaholic, lol.

Trivia time! ¬†Panda’s poop 100 times a day. No seriously, I saw this posted on an information sign at the Atlanta Zoo in Georgia.

I have friends coming up to me and telling me things “big name people” are saying are about the piece and it was very complimentary and I was very touched. I was just like, wow, this isn’t even as good as the first one, I wish they could see me when I am truly inspired and in the zone.

I am hobbling around still as my feet are still full of blisters. I have big blisters on the bottom of both feet, about 6 in all and I am super sore and tired and in a ton of pain.

I barely get done and then rush to see what the Russian instructors are teaching. I watch them for a little while but I am so exhausted and the place is so packed and I have nowhere to sit. I can’t take it physically so I pop in to see what Ken Stillman is doing and catch the rest of his Balloon Beads class.

He is a neat guy, I really liked getting to meet Ken. I love how he teaches too, he is an excellent communicator and very fun loving and a guy who can laugh at himself and laugh at life. Good sense of humor and doesn’t take himself¬† and life too seriously. He seems like a guy just enjoying the ride of life and he just seemed very appreciative,¬†he had a heart of gratitude that really stood out.¬†I liked him a lot.

After that it was time to move the Tree Lady into the room where all the contests pieces were held. It was very much of a “drop your stuff off and please get out a.s.a.p. because we have a ton of crap to do” environment, lol. This Tree Lady piece was taller than me, ¬†wider than the double doors and¬†a monster to move. She was getting pretty banged up and I didn’t think she would make it.

I tried to¬†get her¬†adjusted but I didn’t mess with her face. I didn’t like how her face¬†got jumbled¬†during the move but I was so¬†terrified to touch her that I didn’t even really look¬†at her. It was a very strange moment. I didn’t want to look at her face. I felt uneasy about her even being there.¬†¬†I liked her better in the Jam room before she got moved. I felt ashamed of her being in this new room.

Maybe subconsciously I felt like I was prostituting my piece. I just felt shame, shame for not being able to re-create the magic I had during the first time I made her and now shame that I moved her into this room that felt so cold and lonely to me.

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of her or anything in the contest room and I never did get any pics of her. Thank goodness other people did!

(Photo below courtesy of Tanya Kemp)



That evening I had dinner with Graham, Thelma and Brian Asman! We walked like 20 minutes off resort site to a local Chinese restaurant. More like they walked and I hobbled. I was like something from a Halloween movie, lol.  Brian is a neat guy, he is very smiley and has a joyful spirit and you could tell very much enjoyed his time there.

I ordered a water and they give me this super tiny and thin cup of water with no ice. I mean it was tiny!¬†I am exhausted and thirsty as could be. I ask for another and another and another and after the 5th one, Graham chimes in and educates me that water is not free in restaurants in Belgium, nor are the refills. They pour out bottled water into your glass and charge you $2.40 Euros! You cannot even order tap water, it isn’t even an option. In the UK, you can opt to get tap water for free but you have to specify. And they serve water in bigger glasses and with ice.

I tell Graham, “Thanks! Now you tell me!?”, and teased him about his timing of information.¬†The water was as much as the food, lol.

I am sure that to anyone who spent any time with me, I seemed like I had just crawled out of a cave from the Appalachian Mountains¬†as so much was so new to me. The food was served on silver warming thingies that stayed on your table. I had never seen a restaurant give you warming thingies to keep your food warm and hot. They gave us hot towels at the end. I had never before been served a hot towel and I didn’t know what to do with it. Graham and Thelma made fun of me and showed me what to do.¬†The Chinese food was super different than back home. The sauce was very weak, and you know how I feel about sauce!¬†I liked it okay but prefer to what I am accustomed.

Oct 28 2871

Oct 28 2887

Oct 28 2884

I took pictures of everything and Graham made fun of me for it. “Here’s a Belgian fork Tricia, you want to take a picture of that?” Yes! Yes I do! And I did by Jove!

Oct 28 2877


Later I had some Bailey’s Irish cream and let me just tell you, I loved it. It is like¬†drinking¬†melted candy. Then I had some beer while watching the Stage Competition. No food or water in between, you can imagine what happens next.

The Stage Competition was amazing, I wish I could describe¬†it to you but I just can’t. My mind was BLOWN!¬†Afterwards, I was in agony. My stomach felt like it was going to explode or self implode. I felt horrible. I started feeling a panic attack coming on and then that¬†really had me freaking out. I didn’t want to hyperventilate and faint. I fell down on the floor near the restrooms in the hallway.

I had 3 separate panic attacks¬†on 3 different days¬†in September. They have been attributed to severe sleep apnea that went undiagnosed for several years. Panic attacks feel just like heart attacks and I thought I was having heart attacks and was rushed to the emergency room. It is especially scary when you don’t understand why things like this keep happening.¬†I kept having them and had no idea why.¬†I went through all kinds of medical tests, &¬†tests¬†and tests and¬†it turns out I have a really¬†bad case of sleep¬†apnea and that is believed to be the cause. After the panic attacks I¬† haven’t been the same.¬† Constant anxiety issues, discomfort when breathing as my body wants to hyperventilate all the time, easy to faint,¬†extreme weakness and soreness and exhaustion. Treatment for apnea and everything I will not get until I get back home after the convention.

I haven’t had¬†real rest in several years and the sleep deprivation reached critical mass and my body started losing it and freaking out on me.¬†Sleep Apnea can cause strokes, heart attacks, or simply death from¬†not breathing. If your body doesn’t wake¬†itself up when you stop¬†breathing, which I do constantly through the night, then you simply die in your sleep. It is serious stuff.¬†Your body never really heals or restores itself either because you never really sleep and don’t¬†get enough oxygen. I kept feeling more and more exhausted all the time but I just thought it was because of the business and being a mom.

I start balling and crying there in the hallway for all to see. This wonderful lady named Melissa gave me lots of crackers and water to drink and Tanya, Liz and Clare tended to me.¬† They informed me that you never mix drinks and that was why my stomach was in so much pain. I really would have had a panic attack if it weren’t for them. They kept me calm and took great care of me.

Phileas Flash even saw me and gave me a pep talk. He knelt down and gave¬†a very passionate¬†speech.¬†I apologized for crying so much, I felt embarrassed,¬†and he just empathized and let me know that he’s been there too. He knew I didn’t get much sleep and encouraged me to get sleep and take care of myself and he just let me know that it isn’t uncommon for people to emotionally and physically crash at conventions, especially if you have worked really hard on a piece for an event.

He is very intense and really whole hearted when he talks to me. I again loved how all feeling he is.

Everyone around me is just super supportive and encouraging and nurturing. I wouldn’t have made it through the night without these people and I would have had a full blown panic attack without them, I have no doubt.

Thank you guys. You saved me that day, you really did.

497th and 498th Balloon Sculptures, The Tree Lady and Daughter in Mourning


I think I am working out my feelings about my mother and her battle with cancer. She is unfortunately losing her battle, she is still alive but it is spreading all over her body and she has to be on morphine to just survive the day and get through the pain.

This is an image and a story that I have had in my mind for a while now and I am glad that I have finally expressed it in balloon form. It feels so wonderful to be at the level that I can manifest what is in my imagination.

A little girl goes to mourn at her mother’s grave. She hugs the tombstone to try to be as close to her mother as she can. The mother has returned to the soil and from that soil into new life as a tree. The mother is still watching over her little girl though the little girl does not know.

I am really proud of how I have executed this scene. I love the way the little girl is positioned, I love how feminine the tree lady is even in her trunk.

The little girl design, her head and dress, is inspired by a Tatyana DjeTa Lyashko little girl balloon that I saw a picture of. Her positioning with the tombstone and facial expression is my imagination.

I want people to think about growth, death, earth, circle of life, mother nature, mothers, how we are all connected to everything and each other.

I loved the idea of using a traditionally happy medium to tell a sad story and express deep emotion. Apparently I am the first balloon artist to take on this kind of juxtaposition and subject matter.

This was very therapeutic for me to make and it means a lot to me.

This is my story and this is a Patricia Balloona original and I dedicate this to my dear mother.

patriciaballoonatreelady106 patriciaballoona112 patriciaballoona106treelady