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524th Balloon Sculpture, Bunny Out For A Ski Bouquet


A friend of mine loves skiing more than anything and he inspired me to make a skiing themed piece.

I decided to tweak a Dylan Gelinas, Patches the Bunny, design which is geared towards Easter and made it bigger and altered it in a few other ways.

I also made it some ski equipment and put it on a simple bouquet to make it look like it was in action on snow.

Hope you think it’s “cool” man.

I gave it to a lady today in hopes it would cheer her day up. I like randomly giving bouquets away. It makes me happy. I like to give things to people who aren’t expecting it.

Happy Twisting!




523rd Balloon Sculpture, Seal and Penguin Bouquet

523rd Balloon Sculpture, Seal and Penguin Bouquet

I came up with and made this Seal and Penguin bouquet yesterday. The penguin is modeled after a Tatyana DjeTa Lyashko penguin design, though I altered it.

The flower is not my design. I learned how to make it via YouTube

The overall design is mine as well as the seal.

I am going to just give it away to someone today and am trying to figure out how to go about it.

Hope you like it, it is over 3 ft tall!