518th Balloon Sculpture, Owl Always Love You Bouquet


A couple who are both friends of mine have a mug with two brown love owls sitting on a perch together.

I couldn’t help but be inspired and I have been wanting to make them something for several months now and when I saw the mug, that was it- I knew right then that that would be the perfect balloon gift piece.

I decided to spruce up the color scheme instead of everything being blush, brown and red like on the mug.

I came up with this as a result. I made my patented ribbon stuffed balloons, my personal innovation as far as I know, for the base and decided on this color scheme of rose, hot pink, Caribbean blue, white, mocha brown, goldenrod and lime green  which really pops. 🙂

I wanted the chest on the owls to really stand out and look feathery so I made some loop weaves and I really like how everything came out. It stands at 4 ft. tall. For some reason I really like making things that are 4 ft. tall, lol. I think one of my personal balloon strengths are bouquets so I will continue

Hope you like it and Happy Twisting!




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