517th Balloon Sculpture, Purple Explosion Flower Bouquet


I have a friend whose birthday was in Feb but sadly I was in an art lull. I have felt so bad that I didn’t make her a balloon gift for her birthday.

Her birth stone is amethyst and so I decided to do something purple focused.

I came up with this flower bouquet as a result.

I came up with the idea of putting ribbon inside the base balloons and it produces a super lovely effect.

The flower I was inspired by Romina Finali and pictures of flowers on a column I had seen of hers and the butterfly I was inspired by a picture of a butterfly I had seen by Irina Lobanova.

I came up with this piece as a result and put my own twist and sensibilities to it.

I decided not to use any green and just have purple for the leaves and I like how I did the leaves and I just love the colors together. It is 4 ft. tall.

I put the rule of thumb of darkest colors on bottom in a piece on trial here and I like it! I also used beads for the center of the flower and am getting more mixed media in my approach. .

It’s all Mavericky!

My friend just loved it and I was so happy to see her reaction and it made it all worth it. I really love making things for people who don’t expect it. It deflates the excitement for me if someone is expecting it. Surprising someone with balloon art made from the heart, nothing feels better. 🙂

Warm Fuzzies to all of you and Happy Twisting!





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