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Cancer Just Got To a New Level of Real


So as you may know if you have followed my blog for a while, my mother has been battling cancer for several years now.

She would get tired easily and she might be uncomfortable from time to time but life has pretty much gone on as usual.

It was something that was there but never very apparent if that makes sense.

It has had a steady momentum until just recently, it is taking a bullet train nose train nose dive.

The past several months she has been getting much worse. She stopped driving, she stopped being able to do housework, and she has been moaning in pain especially in the past several weeks. I have been trying to help her with her chores and haven’t had any time and heart to really create art.

This past week the bullet train broke new records.

She shattered her arm a couple of days ago just by opening a door, that is all that she did. She opened a door. Her bones fractured all along her right arm and jaggedly to boot and they are disintegrating. She can’t move it at all and won’t be able to for months if ever. The least tiny bit of movement to her arm and she is in so much pain she could pass out and is in so much pain she vomits.

She will be bed ridden as she can’t afford to walk as again, just doing the least little thing could shatter her anywhere because the cancer has eaten into her bones so much.

My sister Debbie has worked in nursing homes for most of her life and is taking care of her, she has come down from KY to stay with her and tend to her and I think Hospice is going to be seeing my mom more frequently. My mom is in incredible pain and is in pain all the time now.

Seeing her suffer so much is the worst. She has had cancer for several years now and it has been pretty stable and she would be more tired but life went on pretty much as usual. The past few months she has started going down hill really fast and especially this week. I didn’t even realize how much she had gone downhill. It is a shock because it feels like it came out of nowhere even though logically of course it didn’t but the momentum was so gradual before and now it is just nosediving at lightning speed.

Seeing her in so much pain is the worst part and this cancer stuff is so much more real now. I have never had to see someone go through anything like this before. I have never seen someone so frail and ill and in so much pain, to the point of completely suffering. I have never seen it so much in front of my face. Mortality just became so much more real.

Please keep her in your prayers. I will resume my art soon.

Picture of me and my mom when I was little below.

balloon 343

balloon 359


518th Balloon Sculpture, Owl Always Love You Bouquet


A couple who are both friends of mine have a mug with two brown love owls sitting on a perch together.

I couldn’t help but be inspired and I have been wanting to make them something for several months now and when I saw the mug, that was it- I knew right then that that would be the perfect balloon gift piece.

I decided to spruce up the color scheme instead of everything being blush, brown and red like on the mug.

I came up with this as a result. I made my patented ribbon stuffed balloons, my personal innovation as far as I know, for the base and decided on this color scheme of rose, hot pink, Caribbean blue, white, mocha brown, goldenrod and lime greenย  which really pops. ๐Ÿ™‚

I wanted the chest on the owls to really stand out and look feathery so I made some loop weaves and I really like how everything came out. It stands at 4 ft. tall. For some reason I really like making things that are 4 ft. tall, lol. I think one of my personal balloon strengths are bouquets so I will continue

Hope you like it and Happy Twisting!



517th Balloon Sculpture, Purple Explosion Flower Bouquet


I have a friend whose birthday was in Feb but sadly I was in an art lull. I have felt so bad that I didn’t make her a balloon gift for her birthday.

Her birth stone is amethyst and so I decided to do something purple focused.

I came up with this flower bouquet as a result.

I came up with the idea of putting ribbon inside the base balloons and it produces a super lovely effect.

The flower I was inspired by Romina Finali and pictures of flowers on a column I had seen of hers and the butterfly I was inspired by a picture of a butterfly I had seen by Irina Lobanova.

I came up with this piece as a result and put my own twist and sensibilities to it.

I decided not to use any green and just have purple for the leaves and I like how I did the leaves and I just love the colors together. It is 4 ft. tall.

I put the rule of thumb of darkest colors on bottom in a piece on trial here and I like it! I also used beads for the center of the flower and am getting more mixed media in my approach. .

It’s all Mavericky!

My friend just loved it and I was so happy to see her reaction and it made it all worth it. I really love making things for people who don’t expect it. It deflates the excitement for me if someone is expecting it. Surprising someone with balloon art made from the heart, nothing feels better. ๐Ÿ™‚

Warm Fuzzies to all of you and Happy Twisting!




516th Balloon Sculpture, Another Flower In The Wall


I made this recently for my mother. She has managed to hang in there much longer than the doctors predicted, a year more so far. She has gotten to the point where Hospice is coming to her home now and feels like her time is coming to a close any day now.

She has breast cancer that has spread to her whole body. My mother loves flowers and has always said that you can never have too many of them. She loves things like lattice too and especially flowers growing on it.

I altered a star weave and came up with this as a background and wall as a result. I put loads of all kinds of flowers on it as well as some butterflies. I decided to model my butterflies after butterfly wall stickers and really love how they came out. The flowers I learned from Sergey Loginov and Sharovdav on YouTube. ๐Ÿ™‚

I made purple the dominant color purple for her birth stone, February is Amethyst.

I felt bad that I was in a creative lull when her birthday came and just didn’t have it in me to make her a birthday balloon.

So this was my gift to her this week and she loved it which made me very happy. I spent a lot of time on it, how much I didn’t pay attention as I never do- I like to just be in flow, and it brought me a lot of peace making it.

Hope you like it and Happy Twisting!