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515th Balloon Sculpture, Majestic Fish Bouquet

515th Balloon Sculpture, Majestic Fish Bouquet

Don’t even ask me how I managed to make this because it is all a blur and it was serendipity,lol.

I was actually trying to making something completely different but this just emerged.

This is a Patricia Balloona original design.

This is my first attempt at a star weave and it ended up cone shaped completely by accident. I don’t know that I could ever do that again on purpose, lol.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the coned star weave but then it just hit me, this would make a nice fish.

I don’t know if I am the first to double stuff balloons with ribbons inside but I got inspired to do that and it was original to me.

I decided to use a jewel I had found around the house for the eye and it really adds great drama. My fish head is quite different as well and it was a flash of insight at the last minute.

Everything just started to come together in my head in a rush. This was a very go with the flow project for me and this piece just wanted to emerge.

I absolutely love my fish and I love how everything came together and I am in shock. It really felt like an out of body experience and the whole process was so creatively magical.

This piece stands at about 4 ft. tall if not more. My lovely daughter modeling with it below.

Hope you like it and find some inspiration and Happy Twisting!




Picture below was without finished touches. I added a few more spiky things on the top and the bottom and I feel that really finished the piece. My adorable daughter modeling with it below.






514th Balloon Sculpture, Big Bloom Bouquet


I just created this and am very proud of it. This is a Patricia Balloona original.

Something about the color combo just makes me feel so peaceful and like I am breathing in color and vibrancy.

I hope you like it and Happy Twisting!



513th Balloon Sculpture, Reading in Between the Petals Bouquet

513th Balloon Sculpture, Reading in Between the Petals Bouquet

I started feeling well enough and back to my old self enough again to dive back into creating balloon art.

There is a lady we go to to help us with our tax prep and we just really like her. She actually makes the daunting task fun and enjoyable because you get to see her and she will make you laugh and feel so at ease.

I surprised her with my original Dalmation bouquet last year and she was so appreciative, she had tears in her eyes and hugged me probably 50 times.

I made another original bouquet, this is a Patricia Balloona original design of a girl reading a book while taking shelter among the flowers and in nature. It is reflective of what I have been doing as of late.

I am reading 4 different books at once currently, lol. I have also been getting outside more and have been soaking up nature.

I remembered the colors the lady wore when we got our taxes done and used them in the bouquet.

I really love how I made the book and glasses and I like how I have her looking regal and like the bouquet is like a throne. I love how the leaves almost look like wings behind her. I also really like how I have done the chest area. It is something I have done before with a fairy bouquet but I got the proportions better and have it much cleaner. I also like how her skirt is done and how it is sitting. Her feet are tucked inside the grass as it were. I am really proud and pleased with this piece. 🙂

I love how everything came together and I was able to manifest what was in my head, which is one of the most gratifying feelings, when you can imagine something and make it come alive.

She just loved it and again hugged me 50 times and is so beautifully appreciative. I wanted to bring it to her on a Monday as that way she could enjoy it where she works all week and Mondays suck man so hopefully this would help her week get off to a nice start.

I really love surprising people with bouquets. I like that they are not expecting it. That makes it really fun for me. It feels good. People who are lovely need to know that that loveliness matters. She brightens other people’s day and that means something and is recognized and is meaningful.

Happy Twisting







Hibernation Over


Just wanted to post that I am coming out of my sabbatical and will be getting back into making balloon art. I will be focusing on making private projects and only on things I want to make.

I look forward to getting into a regular rhythm again and hopefully make things that will inspire and make meaningful impacts.

Thank you to anyone who reads and keeps up with my blog. I really appreciate you.