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The Four Seasons of My Tree of Life in the World Egg


I decided to make a collage so that all four of the seasons of my Tree of Life in the World Egg pieces could be together. I feel like I am coming into my own more and more as an artist and am developing my voice. This is what I am thinking about, this is what is important and beautiful to me and this says something about my person.

I am very fascinated and drawn to these archetypes right now especially. Here is some backstory and what these archetypal symbols of the Tree of Life and World Egg represent.

“The shell of the cosmic egg is the world frame of space, while the fertile seed-power within typifies the inexhaustible life-dynamism of nature.”

Joseph Campbell

“The world egg, cosmic egg or mundane egg is a mythological motif found in the creation myths of many cultures and civilizations. Typically, the world egg is a beginning of some sort, and the universe or some primordial being comes into existence by “hatching” from the egg, sometimes lain on the primordial waters of the Earth.”


“The meaning of life is not to be discovered only after death in some hidden, mysterious realm; on the contrary, it can be found by eating the succulent fruit of the Tree of Life and by living in the here and now as fully and creatively as we can.”

Paul Kurtz

“Ancient cosmologies tell of a magnificent World-Tree that grows at the centre of the universe and encompasses all realms of existence: its stem pierces through the world of human affairs, its branches reach high up to the domain of the Gods, upholding the firmament of the heavens and all the stars and planets, while its roots stretch far down into the dark, chthonic Underworld, forming a gateway to the realm of the dead. The image of the World-Tree or Tree of Life is truly universal. It can be found at the centre of archaic cosmological iconography in widely separated cultures all over the world.”

Sacred Earth



512th Balloon Sculpture, Spring Version of my Tree of Life in the World Egg

512th Balloon Sculpture, Spring Version of my Tree of Life in the World Egg

This was a labor of love and rebirth, here is my Spring version of my Tree of Life in the World Egg series. This completes the 4 seasons.

This time I decided to put a bird’s nest with eggs in it on the tree.

This is a Patricia Balloona original and I hope you like it.



Busy Deflating, A Tricia Renaissance


I have been taking a bit of a sabbatical to focus on getting my health in order.

I have mentioned in a blog post before that I had 3 panic attacks in September and didn’t know why they were occurring. Let me tell you, panic attacks are scary. They feel and mimic the symptoms of heart attacks.

I was rushed to the emergency room and everything.

And they kept happening!

I have gone through so many medical tests trying to figure out what is going on.

I had gained a lot of weight the past several years as I felt hungry all the time and didn’t have any energy to exercise and was full of anxiety and depression.  I felt tired all the time and like I never got any rest even after a full night’s sleep. I noticed I would get bruises that wouldn’t heal and that I was constantly sore and got to the point where I felt in pain all the time.

Apparently I have been going for years without sleep and have pretty severe sleep apnea.

My exhaustion had reached critical mass and thus the panic attacks. My body reached a critical threshold. Even after the three panic attacks, my body felt like hyperventilating all the time and it was all I could do to focus on breathing and I found myself falling asleep during the daytime a lot. It was hard to just stay awake.

Sleep deprivation can cause heart attack and stroke, weight gain, anxiety, and depression.

I wasn’t healing, I wasn’t recharging, repairing or restoring and I felt miserable!

I have been under treatment for the Sleep Apnea and let me just tell you, for the first time in a long time, I feel like a human being again.

I woke up one day the week of Christmas and noticed my appetite was a 1/6th of what it used to be! A SIXTH! That really caught me off guard. I didn’t even realize how hungry I was until the transition. It has been the same since and stable and continues to delightfully shock me.

Since then I have been eating super super healthy, my body doesn’t crave so much sugary and carb loaded things. I realize that I was hungry all the time and especially for carby things because my body was trying to get energy somehow since it wasn’t recharging and it needed to be loaded constantly. I now eat mostly raw vegetables and fruits, lean meats and cheeses. No sodas, just water. No sweet drinks or much sweets at all. I still eat my dark chocolate but just a tiny bit. Like I said, my body doesn’t crave sugars like it did.

Everything happened so gradually, and then it gained momentum in a bad way and I was on a crash course.

I am now exercising again and I am not so painfully sore afterwards. I don’t feel full of anxiety and depression! I actually have some hope for the first time in I can’t tell you how long. I feel like a completely different person!

I am reclaiming the girl I used to be, the one that always wore pretty outfits, I used to be dressy all the time and there was a time I felt pretty.

I lost my sense of self and felt like I could make beautiful balloons but I felt ugly and never wanted to pose with them and you will see I have rarely posted pictures of myself.

I haven’t felt pretty in a long time, I haven’t even felt like a person in a long long time.

So that is why this is a major Tricia Renaissance! I am feeling like a person again, like a totally different yet familiar person!

I dyed my hair too and am dressing up again! I feel alive and I wanted a hair color to reflect the phoenix like fire I feel!

I am so excited and am focusing most of my time and energy in getting back to my old self.

I haven’t given up on my art and I will get back into doing that again. I would like to make something at least once a week. I actually made some pretty amazing pieces when I felt horrible, I hope to imagine what I can do when I feel great!

I am busy deflating myself at the moment, lol, but I look forward to inflating some beautiful art. 🙂

I want to only focus on art that I want to do. Focus on my voice and sharing my soul through balloon art.