511th Balloon Sculpture, Turkish Tile Inspired Flower Bouquet


I had a really lovely thing happen recently where my daughter and I bought some toys and this really kind Turkish man was very generous and gave Natalie an extra toy for free as well as a keychain for both her and me. The key chains he was very proud of and they were beaded art key chains from his native country, Turkey.

He loved seeing my daughter so excited and happy and just had such a beautiful and kind heart. He has daughters of his own not much older than Natalie. It made him so happy to see her happy and so excited about the things he threw in. It wasn’t getting things for free that made the moment, it was seeing how much joy he had in giving and I hadn’t seen joy to that degree in a long while.

One of the many things I love about my daughter is how very appreciative she is about gifts. She is so fun to give to because she really appreciates them so much and is so thankful and takes such excellent care with all her things. She gave him a great big hug and asked me to take her picture with him so she could always remember him.

I was just blown away by how much this man loved seeing people happy and had such tremendous inner joy that just beamed out of him. The whole thing was so beautiful and I had been feeling very sad lately so it really rekindled the Christmas spirit for me.

I believe in repaying kindness with kindness and decided to surprise him with a beautiful balloon. I looked up Turkish art and came across some very beautiful Turkish tile art and used that as inspiration. It blew me away and I noticed a very striking color combination that seems to be very common and popular there and used that for the piece I made for him.

I wanted it to be special and tailor made just for him.

This is what I came up with as a result. I surprised him with it and I don’t know that he even remembers who I am as I didn’t have my daughter with me and he sees hundreds of people every day, lol. He was just ecstatic and thrilled! I loved seeing people’s faces as I brought it to him, everyone was oohing and awing and wondering who that was for.

He must have given me a thousand hugs, lol.

This made my day and made me feel so happy. Kindness matters so very much. It is what makes the world a place worth living. Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Mark Twain

Pictures of my art below.






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  1. Very nice Patricia! I can appreciate the time/effort you put in creating this. I recently had try my hand at distortion balloons (not sure what it’s called…balloon inflated inside a different shape).. I probably “killed” a dozen balloons before accomplishing what I wanted! By the way, your daughter is a little mini you! Very pretty! Merry Christmas sweet friend!

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