Adventures in Belgium, 1st Balloon Convention TMJ Part 3


Day 3

It is Sunday November 8th. The world’s largest balloon Maze I believe was finished by this time.

I went through it by myself and it was amazing. I did get lost but it was perfectly made so that you got lost but you never got so lost that it was frustrating and too time consuming. Very nicely balanced and very well designed.

There were 5 secret rooms with amazaballs sculptures inside to delight the eye.

My favorite was the Hippo.


After I finished the maze I met up with a girl named Christine and we went off to sight see in Mol.

My biggest objective, get fries with sauce. If there is one thing I do in Belgium, it is taste sauces!

She just wants to go to a grocery market.

We go to a bus stop and she teaches me how to understand the bus schedule, lol. I have never taken a city bus before ever anywhere.

The bus drops us off at the Mol train station which seems to be in downtown Mol.

We venture out and eventually find a restaurant open after walking and walking and walking.  Since it is Sunday almost all the businesses are closed.

There are tons of shops and the buildings are all touching each other and the place is pretty dreary to me. There isn’t much color and because the buildings are endlessly connected, it just makes it feel like you are in the David Bowie movie Labyrinth.  It feels like the world is walled off to you.

I am used to open spaces and buildings spaced out with a lot more greenery everywhere.

balloon 140

balloon 1492015-11-08 12.55.14

We order fries or Frituurs as they are called there and I tell the guy behind the counter that I want all the sauces, lol. We get 8 sauces total. We both like the Look Samurai and the Andalouse the best hands down!

I am in Heaven! I tell Christine that this is one of the happiest days of my life, lol. She thinks that is a bit sad but is happy that I am so easily pleased, lol.

I tell her just how important sauce is to me. I tell her how once my husband and I went to a very expensive  steak restaurant where the steaks were 75 dollars each. I asked for some steak sauce and the waiter scoffed at me and told me that they don’t serve sauces with their steaks. I reach into my purse for my emergency ketchup packets and strategically hide one under my napkin. I then proceed to sneak sips of ketchup while holding my napkin up to my face at intervals while eating the steak. I had to always look around me to make sure I was in the clear of waiters eyes. It was super spy ketchup time, James Bond style!

She thought I was very weird, lol. She was lovely and I had a lovely time with her.

2015-11-08 13.43.402015-11-08 13.43.452015-11-08 13.52.01balloon 187

After the adventure in Mol we get back and just in time for the beer tasting event.

There are 7 different beers we try with different foods paired with them. There are things like green apples, cheeses, bread, prawns, pickled herring and wonderful chocolate cake. I just ate the apple, the cheese, and the cake,  lol. I hated most of the beers. It ended up with us trying a chocolate beer and I really liked it. They saved the best for last. It had just won a beer contest in Brussels earlier that day. This beer tasting took forever but it was really neat and I am glad that I got to try all the different beers, nasty ones and all.

balloon 2002015-11-08 19.33.10

I got to hang out some with Addi Somekh! OMG! I got to talk to and hang out with Addi here and there. My biggest balloon hero because of his BalloonHat project! He was very laid back, very chill and very down to earth. There were some characters at this convention very caught up in their celebrity and that whole deal, worrying about their status, talking about their status, but Addi was very humble and very secure. He didn’t care about status, he cared about art. His stock as a person just went up for me at this convention. He has managed to keep a great soul despite his success. I really respect that, that speaks volumes for his character. I just thought to myself, this is who I want to be like if I ever become successful.

He just talked to everyone and anyone like nothing important was happening, lol. He was very interested in accents and their origins and history. Addi is funny in that I don’t know how to read him at all. I can’t tell how or what he is feeling at all at any given time, lol. He and his band the Unpopables played for us and performed an amazing concert. Addi showed everyone how to make a balloon bass first and then blew us all away with his band and music. It was amazing and the real deal, it was rocking and funky music and they were very polished and really into it. It was their soul out on stage 100 percent for everyone to see.

The night ended with me getting to meet Phileas Flash, Peter Van Engen and Matt Falloon. Phileas bought me a beer and was very affirming of my art and complimentary. That was really cool. Phileas had a very interesting way about complimenting me, it was unlike anyone else ever has, it was like being attacked and yet lifted up at the same time and I will just leave it at that, lol. I mean this in a light-hearted way. It wasn’t a bad attacking feeling, it was the funniest way I have ever been complimented and I loved everything he said. He is a character and a strong feeler like me and I enjoyed talking to him very much. I was very fascinated by him and I  really liked his intensity and how he is a heart on his sleeve kind of guy. He was very much a guy pulled in every direction and everyone wanted to be around him and have some of his time. He gave of himself to everyone too, at the expense of rest. He’s a great guy.

2015-11-08 19.06.52



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