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505th Balloon Sculpture, Summer Fairy Mourning Summer is Over in Dance Bouquet


Well I had something in my head that I wanted to try out. I wanted to try a new way to do a bodice for a female balloon sculpture. I also wanted to try out a new way to do a skirt. I had this story in mind of a Summer Fairy who in her mourning that summer is gone is doing a goodbye ballet dance.

I made a couple of poppy flowers and some neat weird spiral flowers that I learned on YouTube via Sergey Loginov.

Poppy Flower,

Spiral Flower,

I am going to play around with my bodice idea more and I have some exciting ideas for projects that I can do at home.

This piece I made as a thank you gift for someone. I am going to surprise them with it today. šŸ™‚

Hope they like it.

Happy Twisting!



3rd Year Balloon Twisting Anniversary!


Here is a video compilation of all the balloons I have made since Sept 27nth of last year. I made my first balloon Sept 27nth 2012. Here it is, year 3 already.

I am really excited and passionate aboutĀ this art and I really feel my best work is yet to come. I have lots of ideas and inspirations that I will be attempting to translate into balloon form here soon and will be getting back to posting lots of helpful things I have learned that I hope will be of help to others.

So here you go, Year 3!

I have had a blast and can’t wait to further evolve as an artist with this medium.

Happy Twisting!



Today I turn 33 years old.

My mother gave birth to me when she was 33 and will most likely pass away when I am 33.

She has terminal cancer and it is getting worse and worse fast.

I have not been doing well myself lately and haven’t been able to make any balloons as a result.

I will hopefully be able to resume making balloon art around the house soon but I am in no condition to be able to do things quickly and do anything too strenuous.

Not sure what the future will bring but I have peace of mind and I feel my greatest work is yet to come.

I have been going through a lot of medical tests and will soon be seeing a specialist but that will take a while. In the meantime, I have personal artistic plans and projects that I intend to pursue at my own pace, I will be slower but not down for the count.

Also my 3 year balloon sculpting anniversary is later this month so I am very excited about that. I made my very first balloon Sept. 27nth 2012. It was the classic dog.

My absolute favorite and most important piece I have made thus far is what I dedicated to my mother, The Tree Lady and Girl in Mourning.

I don’t want to make balloons, I want to make art, my medium just happens to be balloons. šŸ™‚



504th Balloon Sculpture, Rarity Bouquet


I got to see some family members from Texas over Labor Day weekend, including my Nephew’s daughter which would be my second nieceĀ or great niece? Not sure what exactly I call her,lol. They stayed at my mother’s house and were making a special trip to visit her since she has terminal cancer.

She loves ponies and Rarity is her favorite and so I made her this as a present.Ā  It is inspired by a Pinkie PieĀ  balloon made by Michael Floyd.

She just loved it!

Pics below.