My Stand Up Comedy, Clean and Quirky


I have dabbled in all kinds of arts. From composing instrumental music to poetry to acting, you name it, I have dabbled in it. Except clay sculpture, though balloon sculpture has covered the sculpture category,lol.

I even did Stand Up Comedy and I figured I would just share this video of my  routine as this will give folks an idea of what I am like and my personality.

So hopefully this will make you laugh and give you an idea of the person behind the balloon art.



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  1. Very funny material! because you referred to it as “squeaky clean”, however, I will compare your material to that of ‘I Love Lucy”, in that it is ostensibly squeaky clean but the underlying material is edgy. Let’s check your themes, in order: getting spied on by a man while naked and on the toilet, combining toilet humor with religious humor, carnal relations in heaven, a child fearing death, a child suicide, large tattoos, revenge against a pervert, and that was in the first half alone! the reason you succeeded in actually being funny is because you didn’t eliminate any themes, only foul language, and in context all those themes were made charming and humorous. You are a very genuine and talented woman.

    • Sage, no one can match your eloquent, precise and insightful commentary. I mean it, I love how you can highlight so wonderfully and in such deconstructing amazing detail why and or why not you like something or why something does or doesn’t work. I really appreciate your thoughtful comments and your genius brain! And of course your wonderful support!

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