502nd Balloon Sculpture, I was on T.V. and Hummingbird and Flowers Bouquet Version 2!


I was on News Channel 3’s segment, 3 Plus You yesterday and here is a link to the appearance.


I decided to make another version of my Hummingbird and Flowers Bouquet/Centerpiece and played around with it some more since it was such a huge hit.

Jed Mescon who conducted the interview is a sweetheart as well as Ryan Henn who counsels me at the SBDC.

I feel so thankful and am so appreciative that there is free business counseling like the Small Business Development Center because they are so wonderful and the business world is so mysterious, strange and can be daunting. Look to see if you have one in your area and take advantage of the FREE services they offer! They are so helpful, informative, encouraging and empowering!

Picture of what I brought on the show below as well as pics of beautiful set. 🙂


balloon 041

balloon 047


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  1. U r so awesome is there anyway u sell videos on how to make these? I to make balloons items but not as good as u. I usually make them for my friends and family , I love balloons and would love to make things like this for my family and friends . My e mail is y_chavez56@yahoo,com. I look forward in hearing from u

  2. Your work is so freaking awesome! And you’re way too humble! I remember when you called me, you told me you “dabbled” (or some similar term), in balloon art. I could learn from you – maybe you could plan a balloon jam some day!

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