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My Stand Up Comedy, Clean and Quirky


I have dabbled in all kinds of arts. From composing instrumental music to poetry to acting, you name it, I have dabbled in it. Except clay sculpture, though balloon sculpture has covered the sculpture category,lol.

I even did Stand Up Comedy and I figured I would just share this video of my  routine as this will give folks an idea of what I am like and my personality.

So hopefully this will make you laugh and give you an idea of the person behind the balloon art.


503rd Balloon Sculpture, Arch with Flowers for 8th Birthday


I was inspired by an arch I saw somewhere on Facebook and decided to see if I could make one that was this kind of style myself and with my own flair for an 8 year old birthday party job.

I was able to figure it out on my own and it came out beautifully!

The family loved taking pictures with it, it made for great photo op and said they are going to make the family pics with it their Christmas Card they loved it so much!

The 8 out of daisies I learned from Sergey Loginov, on his Youtube channel.

Hope you like it and Happy Twisting!




502nd Balloon Sculpture, I was on T.V. and Hummingbird and Flowers Bouquet Version 2!


I was on News Channel 3’s segment, 3 Plus You yesterday and here is a link to the appearance.

I decided to make another version of my Hummingbird and Flowers Bouquet/Centerpiece and played around with it some more since it was such a huge hit.

Jed Mescon who conducted the interview is a sweetheart as well as Ryan Henn who counsels me at the SBDC.

I feel so thankful and am so appreciative that there is free business counseling like the Small Business Development Center because they are so wonderful and the business world is so mysterious, strange and can be daunting. Look to see if you have one in your area and take advantage of the FREE services they offer! They are so helpful, informative, encouraging and empowering!

Picture of what I brought on the show below as well as pics of beautiful set. ūüôā


balloon 041

balloon 047

501st Balloon Sculpture. Hummingbird and Flowers Gift Bouquet


I made this Hummingbird and Flowers gift bouquet for someone to brighten up their day.¬†ūüôā

I came up with this arrangement design. I like how I pushed myself and made a 6 petal flower on the top which was really really tricky using this petal style.

I love to surprise people I know or meet with balloon gifts and it really makes my day to see the balloons bring people cheer. It might sound corny and clich√© but I really don’t care. People need to know that they matter and we all¬†need color and cheer in¬†our week.¬†I don’t know what to say to people to help cheer them up but I don’t have to worry about that with balloons, they do my talking for me.

It made my day to see the smile it brought.

Happy Twisting!


500th Balloon Sculpture, Pink Gumball Machine Centerpieces


I got a request to make 4 pink bubblegum machines for a candy themed baby shower. I saw this design on Pinterest and replicated it.

I made these as a result. It was specifically requested that there be no red in the machines.

Hope you like it and Happy Twisting!

Very exciting projects and new developments are in the works!

patriciaballoona06 patriciaballoona16 patriciaballoona32

499nth Balloon Sculpture, Nautical 60


I made this nautical themed balloon 60 for you guessed it, a 60th birthday party.

These specific colors were requested and this is how I made them work.

These are free standing, no poles or bases used however they are weighted.

It was a huge hit! Yay!

Hope you like it, and Happy Twisting!

patriciaballoona079 patriciaballoonanumbersixty68