497th and 498th Balloon Sculptures, The Tree Lady and Daughter in Mourning


I think I am working out my feelings about my mother and her battle with cancer. She is unfortunately losing her battle, she is still alive but it is spreading all over her body and she has to be on morphine to just survive the day and get through the pain.

This is an image and a story that I have had in my mind for a while now and I am glad that I have finally expressed it in balloon form. It feels so wonderful to be at the level that I can manifest what is in my imagination.

A little girl goes to mourn at her mother’s grave. She hugs the tombstone to try to be as close to her mother as she can. The mother has returned to the soil and from that soil into new life as a tree. The mother is still watching over her little girl though the little girl does not know.

I am really proud of how I have executed this scene. I love the way the little girl is positioned, I love how feminine the tree lady is even in her trunk.

The little girl design, her head and dress, is inspired by a Tatyana DjeTa Lyashko little girl balloon that I saw a picture of. Her positioning with the tombstone and facial expression is my imagination.

I want people to think about growth, death, earth, circle of life, mother nature, mothers, how we are all connected to everything and each other.

I loved the idea of using a traditionally happy medium to tell a sad story and express deep emotion. Apparently I am the first balloon artist to take on this kind of juxtaposition and subject matter.

This was very therapeutic for me to make and it means a lot to me.

This is my story and this is a Patricia Balloona original and I dedicate this to my dear mother.

patriciaballoonatreelady106 patriciaballoona112 patriciaballoona106treelady


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  1. Absolutely beautiful & amazing that you can use this medium as an outlet for yourself . Sending prayers from a stranger. God bless.

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