494th Balloon Scultpture, Family Reunion Decorations


I made these centerpieces and a couple of blossoming romances for a family reunion recently.

I didn’t know what the space would look like and I mean, I just make things that people ask me to make, so I wasn’t sure of the best way for the blossoms to be put exactly. I taped them to the windows and the client chose which windows. I had some pops as a result of the heat and fixed them as best as I could. I will know how to better hang them in the future, for example, always have suction cups with me so I can more precisely get the angle I want. With tape you are at its mercy and it is not forgiving,lol.

The centerpieces I am most happy with and they came out perfect and stayed perfect.

The client was happy so that made me happy.

Picture of my work below.

Happy Twisting!



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