489th, 490th, and 491st Balloon Sculptures, Purple Princess Column, Abstract Princess Column and Diamond Column


I came up with a few more column designs.

I decided to make some beautiful columns that I had in mind to make for a while now.

I had seen a beautiful diamond design using 5 inch rounds somewhere, I forget where.  I figured it out and used my own coloring style.

I also made a beautiful distortion flower.

The toppers I changed out.

The first one I made a beautiful princess to go on top, with a beautiful cape. I am actually really proud of the cape design that I made, and how I have arranged everything in general.

The second I made a more abstract princes column with my replication of a crown made by Twistina that I figured out.

The third is more simple with just a 36 inch gold topper.

They all came out beautifully.

Below are pictures of my work.






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  1. Love seeing what you come up with! You do beautiful work! I’d love to know how long it took you to make those designs. Then what do you do with them? Are they customer requests or is your house full of balloon people!

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