485th Balloon Sculpture, Seussy Columns


I was recently made a couple of columns for a 1st birthday party that was Dr. Seuss themed. The lady showed me a picture of what she wanted, I think she got it from Pinterest, and I replicated it.

This was super easy but in general I have a real talent for being able to figure things out for myself. I can just look at a picture of most things and be able to replicate it. I am finding that is one of my strong suits.

I figured out the pinch line technique by myself for example. Problem solving and being able to think like other people, who knew that would be a thing for me. I feel like a balloon Sherlock Holmes sometimes, lol.  I still promote people’s tutorials even if I don’t use them myself and refer people to them.

My shortcoming is that I am not very good for impromptu and on the spot creation. That is a real weak suit for me. Give me a day or two to make something I have never made before and I will make something fabulous but not in the next five minutes. I think and plan a design out in my head first and I need to be relaxed. If I feel rushed I just don’t do nearly as good of a job.

The columns, they came out so beautiful.

Happy Twisting!



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  1. I’m like you… I have to think about things – not really good for “on the spot” creations! As for duplicating a design, I ace at that!

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