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497th and 498th Balloon Sculptures, The Tree Lady and Daughter in Mourning


I think I am working out my feelings about my mother and her battle with cancer. She is unfortunately losing her battle, she is still alive but it is spreading all over her body and she has to be on morphine to just survive the day and get through the pain.

This is an image and a story that I have had in my mind for a while now and I am glad that I have finally expressed it in balloon form. It feels so wonderful to be at the level that I can manifest what is in my imagination.

A little girl goes to mourn at her mother’s grave. She hugs the tombstone to try to be as close to her mother as she can. The mother has returned to the soil and from that soil into new life as a tree. The mother is still watching over her little girl though the little girl does not know.

I am really proud of how I have executed this scene. I love the way the little girl is positioned, I love how feminine the tree lady is even in her trunk.

The little girl design, her head and dress, is inspired by a Tatyana DjeTa Lyashko little girl balloon that I saw a picture of. Her positioning with the tombstone and facial expression is my imagination.

I want people to think about growth, death, earth, circle of life, mother nature, mothers, how we are all connected to everything and each other.

I loved the idea of using a traditionally happy medium to tell a sad story and express deep emotion. Apparently I am the first balloon artist to take on this kind of juxtaposition and subject matter.

This was very therapeutic for me to make and it means a lot to me.

This is my story and this is a Patricia Balloona original and I dedicate this to my dear mother.

patriciaballoonatreelady106 patriciaballoona112 patriciaballoona106treelady

495th and 496th Balloon Sculptures, Blinky and Pacman Revisited


I made these 2 centerpieces for a Pixels movie premier event. These were quite big.

I was perfect for this because making pixelated balloon figures in this style is one of my signature innovations as I used no gridz or anything underlying.

The movie by the way is awesome and very funny. My daughter is in love with Q-bert now says that when she has a little boy she wants to name him Q-bert and dress him up as Q-bert for Halloween, lol.


Hope you like it and Happy Twisting!


494th Balloon Scultpture, Family Reunion Decorations


I made these centerpieces and a couple of blossoming romances for a family reunion recently.

I didn’t know what the space would look like and I mean, I just make things that people ask me to make, so I wasn’t sure of the best way for the blossoms to be put exactly. I taped them to the windows and the client chose which windows. I had some pops as a result of the heat and fixed them as best as I could. I will know how to better hang them in the future, for example, always have suction cups with me so I can more precisely get the angle I want. With tape you are at its mercy and it is not forgiving,lol.

The centerpieces I am most happy with and they came out perfect and stayed perfect.

The client was happy so that made me happy.

Picture of my work below.

Happy Twisting!


493rd Balloon Sculpture, Mary Poppins


I made this for a wedding recently.

This is a Patricia Balloona original balloonification of this character.

She stood at over 6 ft. tall.

Luckily there were no POPS in Poppins during delivery,lol.

I kind of liked the artsy feel of her face being left blank so I left it blank.

Hope you like it and Happy Twisting!


492nd Balloon Sculpture, Cow Arch


I made this cow arch for Chick-fil-A’s customer appreciation event. 🙂

I drew on the cow print myself as I didn’t have much notice and so couldn’t order the printed balloons in time.

Happy Twisting!


489th, 490th, and 491st Balloon Sculptures, Purple Princess Column, Abstract Princess Column and Diamond Column


I came up with a few more column designs.

I decided to make some beautiful columns that I had in mind to make for a while now.

I had seen a beautiful diamond design using 5 inch rounds somewhere, I forget where.  I figured it out and used my own coloring style.

I also made a beautiful distortion flower.

The toppers I changed out.

The first one I made a beautiful princess to go on top, with a beautiful cape. I am actually really proud of the cape design that I made, and how I have arranged everything in general.

The second I made a more abstract princes column with my replication of a crown made by Twistina that I figured out.

The third is more simple with just a 36 inch gold topper.

They all came out beautifully.

Below are pictures of my work.





488th Balloon Sculpture, Princess Column


I had long admired some princess columns made by Leonardo Carmona of the Power Deco team. He had innovated a very interesting new pole weave that he liked to feature in the middle of his princess columns and I decided to see if I could figure it out as he lives in California and has workshops there but there is no way I would be able to go out there. I am in Chattanooga TN after all.

After some experimentation I am happy to say that I did. Necessity is the mother of invention as they say. Because I haven’t been able to go to any workshops or conventions, I have had to learn to just figure things out on my own or my head would explode from not being able to do all these cool things,lol.

This is my rendition of a Leonardo Carmona type princess column only with my own twists to it and flair. I made this just for the heck of it, because this is my passion. I love and live to create. 🙂

Below are pictures of my work. 🙂 Hope you like it and happy twisting!

patriciaballoona95 patriciaballoona18