482nd and 483rd Balloon Sculptures, Blue Bird on Swing in Apple Tree


I made this for my daughter for her 7nth birthday. It is of a blue bird on a fully functional swing on an apple tree. I started out with a 7 shaped frame and this is just what evolved from my imagination as I started the project. It came out to be 7 ft. tall.

I was inspired by a Tweety Bird design by ШАРОВЕДАВ and adapted it and added my own twist to it with big feathers and a different body and some feather bangs on top. I mainly just took the head idea and redeveloped the rest of the design to be something more my own.

I am developing more and more conceptually and this scene just came out of my head where a cute little blue bird swings on a swing on an apple tree branch. You can subtly see the shape of a 7 in the whole piece.

The tree just developed organically,lol. I just jump in and get into a flow and this is what resulted.

I made everything in one afternoon and my daughter just loved it and loved pushing her birdie. It had to be readjusted from time to time from the swinging but it held up beautifully.

Pictures of my work below as well as vide of my daughter swinging it.





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