479th and and 480th Balloon Sculptures, Lookouts Logo and Baseball Player


I went to a Chamber event called Primetime where new members got to have a table and kind of showcase themselves to other Chamber members.

It was held at a large pavilion and I had never been to this pavilion before and it was quite windy,lol.

I had a table and I was told it was baseball themed and so I decided to make my city’s team logo and a baseball player.

I have long admired a balloon artist named Eric Weinstein who must be fully of personality as his balloons have such a personality to them. I decided to channel Eric’s style when making the baseball player and I made him chewing bubble gum which really delighted people and was a really cool touch if I do say so myself.

The logo is pretty straight forward, our Lookouts logo is a big C with eyes on it, hence Lookouts.

Pictures of my work below.






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