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482nd and 483rd Balloon Sculptures, Blue Bird on Swing in Apple Tree


I made this for my daughter for her 7nth birthday. It is of a blue bird on a fully functional swing on an apple tree. I started out with a 7 shaped frame and this is just what evolved from my imagination as I started the project. It came out to be 7 ft. tall.

I was inspired by a Tweety Bird design by ШАРОВЕДАВ and adapted it and added my own twist to it with big feathers and a different body and some feather bangs on top. I mainly just took the head idea and redeveloped the rest of the design to be something more my own.

I am developing more and more conceptually and this scene just came out of my head where a cute little blue bird swings on a swing on an apple tree branch. You can subtly see the shape of a 7 in the whole piece.

The tree just developed organically,lol. I just jump in and get into a flow and this is what resulted.

I made everything in one afternoon and my daughter just loved it and loved pushing her birdie. It had to be readjusted from time to time from the swinging but it held up beautifully.

Pictures of my work below as well as vide of my daughter swinging it.




481st Balloon Sculpture, Lighthouse Column


I made this lighthouse column for a nautical themed birthday party recently. I also made a seagull and an anchor as accents. This piece came out to over 8 ft tall.

You can’t really get that good of a sense of it- but the yellow balloons are inside of clear balloons to give a light-bulb effect and it didn’t photograph as well as it looked in person as they are harder to see in photo.

Picture of my work below.

The lighthouse I saw on Pinterest and the seagull is actually a dove design that I saw a picture of somewhere as well as anchor. I will be sure to update this post when I remember the details better,lol.


479th and and 480th Balloon Sculptures, Lookouts Logo and Baseball Player


I went to a Chamber event called Primetime where new members got to have a table and kind of showcase themselves to other Chamber members.

It was held at a large pavilion and I had never been to this pavilion before and it was quite windy,lol.

I had a table and I was told it was baseball themed and so I decided to make my city’s team logo and a baseball player.

I have long admired a balloon artist named Eric Weinstein who must be fully of personality as his balloons have such a personality to them. I decided to channel Eric’s style when making the baseball player and I made him chewing bubble gum which really delighted people and was a really cool touch if I do say so myself.

The logo is pretty straight forward, our Lookouts logo is a big C with eyes on it, hence Lookouts.

Pictures of my work below.





478th Balloon Sculpture, Tina Belcher


I am a huge fan of Bob’s Burgers and my absolute favorite character is Tina!

I believe I am the first person ever to balloonify her. I made her a pony to hold.

I made her to just hang around my dining room and it was so cool to have her greet us every day there for a while.

It was spooky at night because I mistook her for a real person,lol. My husband and best friend Lisa modeling with her below. You just never know what you will find when you come to my house,lol.

I’m no hero, I put her boobs in one at a time just like anyone else would.

patriciaballoona5 patriciaballoona3

477th Balloon Sculpture, Orange DjeTa Butterfly


Look at how gorgeous this came out in orange which is my favorite color! This is so much prettier than the pink! I made Tatyana DjeTa Lyashko’s butterfly in orange and I am also now a member of the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce. I can make this butterfly pretty fast now and I have it down pat.

It is my goal to balloonify Chattanooga!

Hope you like it and Happy Twisting!

patriciaballoona96  patriciaballoona82

476th Balloon Sculpture, Pointed Arch


I made this pointed arch for a 5th grade graduation event. I was just curious what would happen and how things would look if I tweaked things, I like to always try something new when I can and indulge the question, “What would happen if?”.  It has inspired other ideas that I am going to experiment with in the future as well.

I like to be different and I grow weary of doing the same things over and over. “Life is a buffet and most poor suckers are starving to death!” Auntie Mame

Happy Twisting!

patriciaballoona2edited patriciaballoona3

475th Balloon Sculpture, Panda Bouquet


I designed this Panda Bear bouquet recently and he is just so darn cute!

I just don’t do small man, this is about as small as I like to make a balloon,lol. It stands at 3 1/2 ft tall.

He is even holding my business card,lol.

Happy Twisting!