474th Balloon Sculpture, Cheer Bear Column


I am a huge fan of Care Bears. I grew up watching the cartoons and taking everything to heart and I believe that shaped me into the incredibly touchy feely and colorful person I am today. 🙂 I live on and for warm fuzzies!

I wear Care Bear hats, I have figurines, and I still watch the 80’s cartoon movies!

I had seen my friend Pip Milford Hughes, a.k.a. Pippity Pop, make this really cool braided rainbow bouquet on FB, which she said she was inspired by Nancy Ann Dalton’s rainbow, and I filed it away in my brain to use that for something later.  See the inspiration chain! Isn’t that cool how we balloon artists start a chain reaction of inspiration?!

I had also seen a picture of a Share Bear Care Bear on Pinterest that I bet was made by Balloon Twistee as it looked like her style and took that as inspiration to make my own and my own version.

I came up with this column design and this balloonification of Cheer Bear as a result. I incorporated the rainbow and made it look like she was holding a rainbow that she just created from her tummy. Again, I am trying develop more and more conceptually as well as craft-fully and I want my balloon art to tell a story.

Here she is, up in the clouds in Care-A-Lot amusing herself with colorful wonderfulness.

I made it to amuse myself and I am just so in love with this piece. I feel like I totally channeled and nailed the Care Bear style.

I still squeal and gush over her everytime I pass by her in my dining room,lol. She looks so real and the piece just makes me so happy and well, cheerful!

This piece started out as a bouquet originally and then I realized it would have a better place to live in my house as a column.

Hope you like it and HAPPY TWISTING!








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