472nd Balloon Sculpture, Vase with Chrysanthemum Flowers


My daughter has recently been diagnosed with autism and her teacher has been so wonderful with her and has accommodated her so lovingly and competently. She would make an awesome occupational therapist on top of teacher!

I made this as a thank you gift to her last week. It means the world to a parent to know that your kid will be treated and taken care of well at school.

The vase is a Michael Gjerek design and the Chrysanthemums I learned from ШАРОВЕДАВ on Youtube.

Link to flowers here= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87r8wXS_1CI

I made the flowers 2 toned rather than mono-tone with the darker being on the bottom and came up with the color scheme. The flowers are made with 160’s. The vase stands at about 4 ft. tall. You can really get an idea of its size with the teacher modeling with it below.

This was a labor of love. I think I am pretty good at making flower arrangements. I like how I arranged everything and I spent a good amount of time on how everything was situated.

Happy Twisting!

patriciaballoona97again patriciaballoona4



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  1. Patricia: love this vase and flowers. You mentioned a You tube site to find this but I did not find the vase. I found flowers, other directions. Could you please send me the website to the vase. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

    Mary Ann

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