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474th Balloon Sculpture, Cheer Bear Column


I am a huge fan of Care Bears. I grew up watching the cartoons and taking everything to heart and I believe that shaped me into the incredibly touchy feely and colorful person I am today. 🙂 I live on and for warm fuzzies!

I wear Care Bear hats, I have figurines, and I still watch the 80’s cartoon movies!

I had seen my friend Pip Milford Hughes, a.k.a. Pippity Pop, make this really cool braided rainbow bouquet on FB, which she said she was inspired by Nancy Ann Dalton’s rainbow, and I filed it away in my brain to use that for something later.  See the inspiration chain! Isn’t that cool how we balloon artists start a chain reaction of inspiration?!

I had also seen a picture of a Share Bear Care Bear on Pinterest that I bet was made by Balloon Twistee as it looked like her style and took that as inspiration to make my own and my own version.

I came up with this column design and this balloonification of Cheer Bear as a result. I incorporated the rainbow and made it look like she was holding a rainbow that she just created from her tummy. Again, I am trying develop more and more conceptually as well as craft-fully and I want my balloon art to tell a story.

Here she is, up in the clouds in Care-A-Lot amusing herself with colorful wonderfulness.

I made it to amuse myself and I am just so in love with this piece. I feel like I totally channeled and nailed the Care Bear style.

I still squeal and gush over her everytime I pass by her in my dining room,lol. She looks so real and the piece just makes me so happy and well, cheerful!

This piece started out as a bouquet originally and then I realized it would have a better place to live in my house as a column.

Hope you like it and HAPPY TWISTING!







Interview with Balloon Hero, The Galvanic and Gentle Tatyana DjeTa Lyashko

Interview with Balloon Hero, The Galvanic and Gentle Tatyana DjeTa Lyashko

Tatyana DjeTa Lyashko is another of my top balloon heroes. She is from Russia, which I have to say Russia is really kicking butt in the balloon world. Every country’s balloon community seems to have a certain flavor and style to it and I find that the Russian style is my favorite.

I was privileged to meet Tatyana via Facebook and have enjoyed learning from her via her tutorials and becoming friends. She has a baby son and you can see her tender love for her child through her recent string of baby designs. She has a gentle whimsical flair and is extremely polished and clean both in her work and her photography. Gentle, galvanic and kind, these are the things that come to mind both when looking at her work and talking to her. I love that combination of how her work evokes so much excitement and yet is so gentle. It is a gentle thrill of delight.

She is amazing and I just know she will be making huge waves in the balloon art industry. It will be exciting to see her journey and what is yet to come from her genius brain!

She has a Facebook page for her business, DjeTa Balloons, where you can follow her work and find out more about her tutorials=

I asked if she would participate in an interview for my blog and she happily said yes!
So here you go, meet Tatyana!


1. What is your favorite balloon sculpture that you have made? What is your favorite balloon sculpture that someone else has made?

My favorite designs are created recently and also a few figures that I made some time ago.




My favorite designs created by other artist:

First Favorite by awesome Takehiro Kai, he is my hero.


2nd Favorite Piece made by Masako Nomura


2. Do you have any balloon heroes? If so who?
First of all, there is the stunning, incredibly talented Takehiro Kai. Also I admire designs by Romina Finali, Lily Tan, Joseph Ho, and Russian artist Sergey Kargapol’tsev.

3. How would you describe your personality? What are you like? Is there a fictional character you really identify with?
I’m not very good at talking about myself. I can’t call myself a closed, introverted person, just, most likely, I prefer to listen and not to talk.
I believe in kindness and in my dream.

4. Do you have any personal goals you hope to achieve involving this art? Is there any kind of project you would like to see realized? What would be your dream project?
I dream to visit the WBC, to participate in the competition and, of course, win. As for projects, my dream, my goal, is to open my own party-store combined with a candy shop (I am an incredible sweet tooth). I want it to be a fabulous store, the kingdom of fun, the dream of all children.

5. How long have you been twisting balloons? What caused you to start twisting?
I have been doing balloons for about 5 years. I decided to try twisting after I saw pictures of works by Takehiro Kai. These photos became a real discovery for me, I didn’t think that it was possible to make something like that of the balloons.

6. What is your favorite balloon color and shape?
My favorite color is yellow. Also I love polka dot balloons in any color.
Now my favorites are the hearts, I discovered many ways to use them.

7. What would you say is your favorite memory involving balloon twisting?
The most memorable for me was my first attempt at twisting. I learned how to make an apple twist, then my hands ached the next day. I guess I did something wrong.

8. How has balloon twisting influenced how you see life and or how has the way you see life influenced your balloon twisting?
I notice that sometimes I imagine in my head how to do this or that subject out of balloons. Often any important events or changes in my life are reflected in the creative process.

9. What has been the greatest challenge so far when it comes to balloon art or making a business with balloon art?
Probably the biggest challenge is to overcome the stereotypes about balloons from potential customers and buyers. They don’t know and, unfortunately, don’t always want to know what decorative possibilities there are with balloons. It is often difficult to sell an expensive, but effective decor. Many customers prefer the standard, uninteresting elements simply because they are cheaper.

10. What are your other interests and hobbies?
I love to read books, and, as a consequence in my opinion, I love to travel. I love to photograph interesting things, do yoga, rollerblading, love long walks.

11. What do you think your balloon art says about you? Is there any feeling you are hoping to evoke in people?
I love making pieces that bring a smile, with some irony. I want to improve adult client’s moods by looking at my work, and kids to squeal with delight. I believe my designs say something about me (just hope nothing bad or secret), but better to ask someone else.

12. What is one of your favorite balloon twisting memories? Have you ever had an especially meaningful encounter or experience because of this art?
I believe that all the best and meaningful memories, challenges and victories I will have are yet to come.

Some more of her wonderful work.



473rd Balloon Sculpture, Chipmunk Bouquet


As I mentioned in previous post, my daughter has been diagnosed with Autism and she not only has a homeroom teacher but also sees a Special Ed teacher for therapy sessions at her school as well.

This lady is amazing as well! So loving and wonderful with my daughter and she truly loves what she does.

It is always a breath of fresh air and such a joy to see people so passionate and so in their element in their job.

I just had to make her a thank you gift as well to let her know that I am very grateful.

I looked at Megalex Zaragoza’s YouTube video for a squirrel and I also thought about a photo I had seen of Derek Wong’s squirrel and I decided to instead make a chipmunk combining elements from both inspirations to put my own twist on things.

I turned it into a bouquet and brought it to her Special Ed teacher and she just loved it which made me soooo very happy!

Happy Twisting!



472nd Balloon Sculpture, Vase with Chrysanthemum Flowers


My daughter has recently been diagnosed with autism and her teacher has been so wonderful with her and has accommodated her so lovingly and competently. She would make an awesome occupational therapist on top of teacher!

I made this as a thank you gift to her last week. It means the world to a parent to know that your kid will be treated and taken care of well at school.

The vase is a Michael Gjerek design and the Chrysanthemums I learned from ШАРОВЕДАВ on Youtube.

Link to flowers here=

I made the flowers 2 toned rather than mono-tone with the darker being on the bottom and came up with the color scheme. The flowers are made with 160’s. The vase stands at about 4 ft. tall. You can really get an idea of its size with the teacher modeling with it below.

This was a labor of love. I think I am pretty good at making flower arrangements. I like how I arranged everything and I spent a good amount of time on how everything was situated.

Happy Twisting!

patriciaballoona97again patriciaballoona4


471st Balloon Sculpture, Hydrangea Column


I saw a Hydrangea Column made by Italian balloon artist Andre De Oliveira and I knew I had to replicate it and make it for my mother for Mother’s Day. He is amazing and so inspiring.

I had to use a different underlying structure than he did but the result I think came out the same.  I made it for my mother who absolutely loves hydrangeas. My mother is battling fatal bone cancer and so this will sadly be my last Mother’s Day gift to her.

She just loved it!

It was a labor of love and Andre was touched and delighted with my replication. He is such a lovely person.

I love how this art is meaningfully connecting me to people from all around the world.

This came out to be about 7 ft tall.

Happy Twisting




469nth Balloon Sculptures, Clown Centerpieces.


I made these 2 clown centerpieces for a birthday party recently.

I adapted a Derek Wong, Jack in the Box, design to create these.

They have a Muppet look to them which I love.

They were a huge hit and created lots of smiles!

Happy Twisting!

pb9 patriciaballoonaclown