462nd Balloon Sculpture, Astronaut Monkey in Space


Every now and then I come across a design that I am a huge fan of and I like to see how well I can figure things out on my own and try to replicate.

I have been a long fan of Dylan Gelinas’s Astronaut Monkey design and I had it in my head that I would love to make that monkey floating in space next to the Earth balloon I saved that I had used for my Aquarius Zodiac design, Ganymede pouring out the wine of the God’s on earth. I made it yesterday to celebrate EARTH DAY.

I learned a lot in my experimentation. I feel like Sherlock Holmes when I try to figure someone else’s design and you really get a feel for how a person thinks. Everyone has a certain construction style that I love trying to tap into and understanding.

“Every man I meet is in some way my superior, and I can learn from him.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I go about my art with this in mind. I am a fan of balloon art as a whole and other balloon artists as well.

Hope I did it justice. 🙂 Happy Twisting!




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    • I did not make the Earth balloon,lol. It is a special balloon I ordered. I believe it is under the balloon bubbles category. I just incorporated it to make the scene.:) The thing that I made that I was referencing was an Aquarius Zodiac sign, Ganymede pouring out the Olympic Gods’ wine onto earth, display that I had used that Earth balloon before.

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