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462nd Balloon Sculpture, Astronaut Monkey in Space


Every now and then I come across a design that I am a huge fan of and I like to see how well I can figure things out on my own and try to replicate.

I have been a long fan of Dylan Gelinas’s Astronaut Monkey design and I had it in my head that I would love to make that monkey floating in space next to the Earth balloon I saved that I had used for my Aquarius Zodiac design, Ganymede pouring out the wine of the God’s on earth. I made it yesterday to celebrate EARTH DAY.

I learned a lot in my experimentation. I feel like Sherlock Holmes when I try to figure someone else’s design and you really get a feel for how a person thinks. Everyone has a certain construction style that I love trying to tap into and understanding.

“Every man I meet is in some way my superior, and I can learn from him.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I go about my art with this in mind. I am a fan of balloon art as a whole and other balloon artists as well.

Hope I did it justice. 🙂 Happy Twisting!



461st Balloon Sculpture, Scooby Doo Parody Column


I made this for a party recently. I am experimenting with looks and styles and so I thought to make the head a bit bigger as well as collar to go for a puppy-ish  and kid feel.

It was a huge hit which always makes me happy. This whole thing is a Patricia Balloona original design, the character isn’t mine, just the balloonification of him.

Happy Twisting!

patriciaballoona2   patriciaballoona5

460th Balloon Sculpture, Snoopy in Biplane with Woodstock Wall


I made this 7 ft long by 5 ft tall balloon wall for my best friend Lisa for her birthday a couple days ago. This was made with love.

She and I have been best friends for over a decade. She is one of those special friends whom you can be weak and strong with and truly be yourself and still be loved. She is consistent and true blue and one of my favorite things about our friendship is we celebrate when one of us hates something that the other loves. I can love a dress that she will just think is awful and I can hate a movie that she just loves and we think it is hilarious and get such a kick out of it. That is something I have found is not easy to come across at all! We can truly celebrate and embrace our differences.

On paper we make such an unlikely B.F.F. pair because we are so different but in practice, we make a great team.

She loves Snoopy and Woodstock and so I surprised her with this huge piece that fit perfectly above my couch as she came over to play Mice and Mystics with me and my husband for her birthday celebration. We love that game, it is like table top DnD only you are mice fighting off cockroaches and rats and cats and such. It is something the whole family can play including kiddos.

She totally squealed with joy and was so excited and animated when she came through the front door and saw it. It is the kind of reaction you hope for and makes all the work so worth it. She works at Earth Fare and so yesterday I took it down there so she could continue to enjoy her gift as it would not fit in her house and they were gracious enough to give it a home there.

I am wanting to be more conceptual in my art and so came up with this scene. I want to invite people to a world and engage people in a story with this art. I took inspiration for the balloonified characters, (and of course the characters that are Snoopy and Woodstock themselves are not mine) and the plane but the way I have incorporated everything together with the wall is original and I put my own twist on everything. No one else has made a wall like this. I like how I incorporated 2-D and 3-D sensibilities. I am really proud of how I have Woodstock peaking under the wing, looking at Snoopy in an unexpected and interesting way. 

Hope you like it. Happy Birthday Lisa and Happy Twisting Everyone!





458th and 459nth Balloon Sculptures, Sweet Frog Mascots


I balloonified Sweet Frog’s mascots and made them into bouquets for my local Sweet Frog location. They are a great yogurt with toppings place. They loved them! Yay!

I think I might be the first to balloonify their logo.

Happy Twisting!

patriciaballoona5 patriciaballoona4

456th and 457nth Balloon Sculptures, Old Lady and Calico Cat

456th and 457nth Balloon Sculptures, Old Lady and Calico Cat

I learned this Old Lady doing yoga from my friend Tatyana Djeta Lyashko, it is her design. This was way more tricky than I thought it would be,lol.

The measurements were hard to follow because I don’t know the metric system well and I guestimated a lot. I also puffed too much in the distortion pieces but didn’t realize until after it was done.

I learned a lot and I love how the head came out. The body and legs I need to redo and make more polished.

I am doing techniques I have never done before and I find that very exciting.

This is my first run of this design using these new techniques. I also made a Balloon Twistee type Calico Cat as well.  I just used a picture as reference and tried to figure things out as best as I could. I learned a lot actually from experimenting with this cat.

Pictures of my results below.

pb1 patriciaballona4 patriciaballoona2

455th Balloon Sculpture, Jumbo Bunny


I made this for Easter. This is my replication of a Nifty Balloons jumbo bunny design though I made the column part different colors.  🙂

My adorable daughter modeling with it below.

Hope you had a lovely Easter! Happy Twisting!


454th Balloon Sculpture, Djeta Pisces Zodiac


This is a replication of my friend Tatyana Djeta Lyashko’s Pisces Zodiac design. She has a tutorial for it and can be asked more details on Facebook,

I kind of just winged it as far as measurements. I also altered the ear design.

It was a lot of fun to make and came out quite tall, like between 3 to 4 ft tall. 🙂