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Another Dylan Gelinas Bunny


Just trying to see what all I can remember and test my memory skill and didn’t even look at a picture. I made another Dylan Gelinas Bunny and added a couple of touches. I am wondering if it was supposed to be 260’s for the arms or not? lol

It came out pretty darn cute anyhow,lol.

Getting in the mood for Easter. 🙂 Happy Twisting!



453rd Balloon Sculpture, Dalmatian Dog Gift Bouquet

453rd Balloon Sculpture, Dalmatian Dog Gift Bouquet

This Dalmatian is a Patricia Balloona original design.

This dog stands up at 3 to 3 and a half ft. tall.

I am going to start teaching my husband how make balloon animals and we had our first lesson where he made his first balloon animal just like me, the dog.

Hope you like it. 🙂

Happy Twisting!





451st and 452nd Balloon Sculptures, Dorothy and Toto

451st and 452nd Balloon Sculptures, Dorothy and Toto

I just made this life size  (she is taller than me and I am 5 ft 6,lol.)  balloon Dorothy and Toto.

I drew the face on myself. 🙂

There is lining in her basket and I even made teeth for Toto. 🙂

I altered a Gabrielle Hodge Westie dog design and made the snout long and added a bottom for the mouth.

The Dorothy and basket is just all me. The characters are not mine, but the way I have balloonified them is.

Hope you like it. Happy Twisting!




450th Balloon Sculpture, Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 & Thing 2 Display


It was Dr. Seuss’s birthday yesterday and so I made this display for my kiddo’s school to celebrate.

I polished up a Cat in the Hat holding Norval column that I had made 2 years ago, you can see pictures and my post here,  I made everything cleaner and improved the face.

I also added Thing 1 and Thing 2 to the scene. I used this picture on Pinterest for inspiration but I did not like how the body was done and polished up the design. I basically used the picture for ideas for the hair and face.

It came out so wonderfully and they just feel alive. There is just something extra magical about it.

I was so touched seeing all the kids and teachers faces as they reacted to the display. So many people were tickled to see I even had Norval. It was like finding a hidden Easter egg and it was so funny to see even grown ups get so gitty when they spotted him.

Art bringing instant connection, not just with me and the audience but the audience connecting instantly together among themselves.

A magical experience all around. 🙂 That’s why I do this.




patriciaballoona12  patriciaballoona5 patriciaballoona10


459nth Balloon Sculpture, Sailor Moon


I made this bigger than life sized Sailor Moon fan art to be displayed at Con Nooga as well at the Chattanooga Convention Center.

I borrowed heavily from Nao Osaka’s balloon Sailor Moon design and added my own “twist” to it as it were and made it bigger.

She stands at over 6 ft. tall!

I made her at the same time as the Mario Wall and man talk about adding to a time challenge,lol. Especially as her head popped on me and I had to remake it.

I drew the face on myself and man was that nerve wracking but I wouldn’t have it any other way,lol.

My handsome husband modeling with the balloon below. 🙂

Hope you like and happy twisting!