454th, 455th, 456th, 457nth, 458th Balloon Sculptures, Mario Stage Wall

454th, 455th, 456th, 457nth, 458th Balloon Sculptures, Mario Stage Wall

Well folks, of all the things I have made thus far, I have to say this is the one of which I am most proud. I made this for a Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention here in my city called Con Nooga as simply Fan Art. It was something I wanted to make and had plans for for a long time now, I just needed the right place to display it. When I heard Con Nooga was coming up, I asked them if I could display my art there.

This is my first wall. I first had to figure out the wall pattern. This may look simple but it took a lot of time figuring out.

I used paper and learned how to do this via Sue Bowler on her Blog- she talks about the different wall options and also had the paper I used to map out my design, http://theverybestballoonblog.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/balloon-walls-part-1.html?m=1.

I realized that I could get the clean edges I wanted by simply rotating the paper design for the Duplet Square Wall Pack.

So designing is one thing- then comes the actual building. Since I am so much faster blowing up 5 inch rounds myself without a pump, that’s what I did. I blew up 1,508 balloons single handedly and with my own lungs.

There was a snow storm that hit- and for fear that my set up time would be canceled or delayed I blew up all the balloons at my house and also made the garlands. Then it luckily melted enough to go set up, so I packed all of the garlands up in my van and made it work- I was able to fit everything and make just one trip. Miracles do happen! LOL!

I assembled everything at the Con and managed to even make the wall freestanding and I even did that all on my own. It is secured and will not fall but it is also not attached to the wall behind it. Figuring that all out was a doozy in itself and I am really quite proud of that accomplishment.

I think I have made a very innovative application for the pinch line technique and I believe I am the only person to ever make figures completely by this technique. I made Inky the Pac-man Ghost before doing this and so how I could not help but use it to make 8 bit Mario come alive. I looked online for 8 bit pictures to use as reference.

Everything on this wall and the wall itself are Patricia Balloona original balloonification designs. The content itself is not original but the way they have been translated into balloon form is. I had to make 5 things here that I have never made before in the fashions that they are made.

I had two days to make and set up everything and let me tell you- it is a ton of work. Way more than I thought. Of course this was my first wall- there were a lot of things that I discovered making this and talk about a feeling of leveling up, this was my leveling up for sure! The next one would be faster because now I know what I am in for and all the unexpected problem solving.

I did all of it on my own and it boosted my confidence because there were so many things I had to figure out and so much problem solving and it is daunting when you are doing something totally new and are all alone.

I had to be totally done by 11 a.m. on Friday and I finished at 10 and took pictures until 11,lol. I started working on it and the figures at 1 a.m. Thursday so that it would last the weekend of the Con and be in as mint of condition as possible. I did not get very much sleep,lol.

I had another project to work on simultaneously to add another level of challenge. It was like playing a game you have never played before on the hardest mode possible,lol.

I wasn’t afraid to just jump in and see what happens. I wasn’t afraid to fail and that made everything so liberating.

So here you have it, here is a generic Super Mario Bros. Video Game Scene.

I am a gamer myself and I love Mario. My family plays games together all the time. We are very much video game geeks.

Hope you like it- it was such a huge labor and a labor of love. 🙂


Here is Ben who is 6 ft 2 inches tall standing next to the wall for size reference.






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