453rd Balloon Sculpture, DjeTa Butterfly


My friend Tatyana DjeTa Lyashko is a genius. I love her work and she is a huge hero of mine. She is from Russia. I have noticed that most of my balloon heroes are Russian,lol. There is a special balloon magic in the air there man.

I saw a picture she posted of her pink and black butterfly and I just had to replicate it. I was able to figure things out and I made the middle of the butterfly bigger- though I think hers was maybe a little too small and I think mine came out a little too big, I think in between would be perfect personally. My focus was more on figuring out the wings. Next time it will be one both wings and body.

I also made it black rather than pink in the middle and I think that makes it look more realistic and I think it makes the wings “pop” more.

She has informed me that she will be coming out with a tutorial for it soon, so that will be exciting.

Below is my emulation of her amazing butterfly design. My daughter modeling with it below to give size reference.






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