450th Balloon Sculpture, Aquarius Zodiac Sign


I have been working on the Aquarius. Zodiac today.

There is a cool mythology behind the sign. The story behind Aquarius is as follows.

A young man named Ganymede struck Zeus’s fancy so much that he kidnapped him and took him to Mount Olympus and made him his cup-bearer.

One day Ganymede has had enough, and he decides to pour out all of the wine, ambrosia, and water of the gods, refusing to stay Zeus’s cup bearer any longer. The legend goes that the water all fell to Earth, causing inundating rains for days upon days, which created a massive flood that flooded the entire world.

I have made Ganymede up in the clouds of Mount Olympus bearing Zeus’s cup and pouring out the contents onto the Earth below.

I like how so far my two Zodiac signs have a mystical hauntingness about them. I had this concept art in my head for a while and it is nice to be able to manifest it into reality. My Ganymede has a Buddha like quality here.

I have been holding onto this Earth balloon for a year now just waiting for the right project.

The neck popped on me and I had some issues with that area- I will need to experiment more and perfect getting that area to work better with this kind of a head design.  I came up with a new approach to the eyes and lids and did a lot of experimenting with this piece in general.

The placement of hands and getting the cup situated was quite a challenge and I really love how it all turned out. I spent a good amount of time just getting everything to stay and in the angle I wanted it to stay.


pb1 pb8





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