444th, 445th, 446th and 447nth Balloon Sculptures, Father Column, Daughter Column, Swags and 36 in Helium Filled Arrangments.

444th, 445th, 446th and 447nth Balloon Sculptures, Father Column, Daughter Column, Swags and 36 in Helium Filled Arrangments.

Décor is where my greatest passion lives when it comes to balloons.

I had the most wonderful job recently of making décor for a Father/Daughter Dance at the Fairland Club.

The Fairyland Club is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. It looks like a castle! It over-looks all of Chattanooga as it is perched on top of Lookout Mtn.

The chandeliers in the ballroom are the size of a car!

I was given a color scheme and I came up with the below. It was a huge hit!

I recently acquired my own helium tank and made by first helium filled arrangements!

The father column is my version of something I had seen on Pinterest, https://www.pinterest.com/pin/478859372849893931/.

The daughter column is a Patricia Balloona original as is the overall décor design and look.

It was such a pleasure to do as I was like a kid in a candy store and my client was just lovely.

It was completely magical and I am so thankful!

Hope you have a magical day!

patriciaballoona11 patriciaballoona7 patriciaballoona9 patriciaballoonacolumn1 patriciaballoonagirlcolumn2 patriciaballoona2


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  1. All critiques are based on an extremely unfair scale as you probably know, but I know you don’t mind refined scrutiny if it is constructive in some way, which I hope it sometimes is.

    • I always appreciate your comments, be it critiques or not. Thank you for your honesty and your support and the constructiveness of your commentary. I value your input and never be afraid to say how something strikes you- I will not be offended. You are just being a good friend and I appreciate that, 🙂

  2. The daughter column is pretty good, but it needs a little perfecting . Adding 260s to a column in that way is tough to pull off perfectly, as I have recently discovered with some of my recent and upcoming column tutorial designs. These are obviously slightly anthropomorphized columns based more on fashion to hint at abstract human form. It all looks beautiful, but I have to say that a tiny bit of tweaking to the dress and hair would perhaps be a possibility. Thanks for sharing your art.

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