443rd Balloon Sculpture, Sundae Float Columns.


I was recently hired to make décor for a Daddy Daughter Dance at the Fairyland Club on Lookout Mtn.

I had an absolute blast and was completely in my element! Décor! That is where my greatest passion lies. I love transforming a space with balloons!

I think big and I was meant for big events.

First I will share the Sundae columns I made for the ice-cream area.

I have made the sundae before which is a Nifty Balloons design that I saw via their website. I just figured it out for myself and you can see my original post about it here, https://patriciaballoona.wordpress.com/2013/05/13/186th-balloon-sculpture-sundae/.

I like it better with silver rather than gold. I made them much larger this time and I like making things look like they float and so what better than sundae floats that float!?!

I  turned them into columns and I came up with the color combo below.

I played around with different ways the colors could be applied and liked the combo below the best. I also loved how the balloon stuffed filigree balloons turned out.

I made two total, one to go on each side of the table. Because of the ice-cream area was in a hallway- I couldn’t get a picture of the front of everything.

So there you have it! I hope you like it. It was a huge hit! Yay!







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