I won the Ralph Dewey Balloon Excellence Award for Rising Star 2014!


I am simply filled with joy and excitement for receiving this tremendous honor.

The Ralph Dewey Balloon Excellence Awards have been determined, (link to it here Ralph Dewey Awards), and Me and  Jerome “Mr. Boma” Santucci are both Rising Star winners for 2014.  Nao Osaka was the Rising Star winner for 2013.  Pascal Grooten, David Brenion, Pieter van Engen have won in the previous years for Rising Star before that.

I absolutely love these people and their incredible work and I just can’t believe that my personal name, Patricia Gordon, is now on that list?! Patricia Balloona is my business name.

Congratulations Mr. Boma and to the other winners in the other categories, Scott Tripp for Trailblazer and Dale Campbell for Excellence. Congrats to you guys as well!!!!!.

Wow! Am I dreaming? Did that just happen?!

It was announced at Twist and Shout Convention, I had no idea because I was not able to attend. I have still yet to attend a convention! I am just dying to go to one!!!!!

I can’t wait to receive my trophy! It is a beautiful trophy of a balloon dog!

I feel like hugging the world. I appreciate so very much everyone who has supported me. Thank you! Thank you so very very much!


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