435th Balloon Sculpture. Capricorn Zodiac Sign


Well it is January and I decided to try my hand at coming up with my own original balloon Capricorn Zodiac design. It came out so tall that it wouldn’t fit in my house and I had to take pictures outside! It came out to about 8 to 8 1/2 ft. tall.

I used the loop weave technique to make the mermaid like tail.

The loop weave technique was invented by Sabina Kellner. You can inquire about her tutorial for it and see her wonderful work on her website, http://twistart.at/.

It just came together. I decided to use 5 inch rounds for the top body and use grey 260’s for a bearded effect. I wanted it to look mythical, majestic and gentle. It comes bearing a fish and its star sign.

“Modern astrological figure for Capricorn as a fish-tailed goat derives from the depictions of the Sumerian god of water Enki, who was associated with semen and amniotic fluid, and hence with fertility, and commonly represented as a half-goat, half-fish creature.” Quoting Wikipedia.

Hope you like it. To all you Capricorns out there, Here’s your sign! Happy Birthday!


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