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442nd Balloon Sculpture, Zebra Bouquet Revisited.


Okay- so here is the zebra bouquet I made again- this time with better stripes and also positioned with the flower in a more family friendly way,lol.

I was teased that it looked like it was trying to mate with the flower before,lol.

I took people’s suggestions and commentary and so here is the new and hopefully improved 4ft¬†tall Zebra Bouquet,lol.

I think I made the face stripes just a little too thick. But overall I think the design of the stripes are much better. Face painters, I applaud you! ūüôā


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441st Balloon Sculpture, Zebra Bouquet

441st Balloon Sculpture, Zebra Bouquet

I am just playing around and am in experimentation mode. I thought I would try making a zebra bouquet today.

To stripe or not to stripe the face?  That is the question, lol.

A friend suggest making thicker lines for the face.¬†¬†Please share if you have suggestions. ūüôā

This piece is quite big, it stands at 4 ft. tall.

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439nth and 440th Balloon Sculptures, Hedgehog and Distortion Flowers



So I learned how to make the hedgehog- at least I am guessing it is a Hedgehog via a guy whose name I have no idea what it is,lol. I am guessing it is Russian of sorts.

Link to it here,

I made some modifications to it,  I tried out something new with eyes that I had seen on FB and tried figuring it out on my own. I also changed the colors of spiky things,lol.

Also,  Irina Lobanova had a picture up where she replicated the look of a flower that is on a bubble balloon design. She used distortion to achieve the same look as the print.

I decided to play around and see if I couldn’t figure it out and replicate it on my own.

I am very pleased with the result. I think I am pretty good about making an arrangement and scene.

Here is what I came up with in combining all these elements and things I have seen together and making a color scheme¬†in what I feel is a stunning arrangement.¬† ūüôā

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438th Balloon Sculpture, Tow Truck and Giant Number 3


I made this recently.

The number three is my replication of a Tatyana DjeTa Lyashko  vehicle themed number 5 design.

The Tow Truck is my original balloonification design, the character isn’t mine, just the balloon translation.

Hope you like it.

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437nth Balloon Sculpture, Giant Snowflakes Take 2


I was happy to make some giant snowflake decorations for Kid to Kid’s Grand Opening event recently. I made them some Michael Gjerek style snowflakes.

They wanted most of the snowflakes to be on one side for a back drop for pictures as they had some people in costumes to take pics with customers in line. They also made an eye catching statement to gather attention from the road.

I also did balloon entertainment for kiddos in line and had a lovely time.

Below are the giant snowflakes I made them.

They are quite large and the biggest ones are 4 ft by 4 ft if not a little bigger.

Pics of my work below. ūüôā

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436th Balloon Sculpture, Michael Gjerek Heart Column


I am a huge fan of Michael Gjerek. He is a balloon artist from Slovenia.

He, Addi Somekh and Irina Lobanova are my top three balloon heroes of all time.

I replicated one of¬†Michael’s heart columns. It is¬†my first time making this style of heart. This piece stands at 6 ft tall. I only had enough pearl pink rounds to make the heart, otherwise I would have used a different color.

I hope you like it.

Happy Twisting!


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435th Balloon Sculpture. Capricorn Zodiac Sign


Well it is January and I decided to try my hand at coming up with my own original balloon¬†Capricorn Zodiac design. It came out so tall that it wouldn’t fit in my house and I had to take pictures outside! It came out to about 8 to 8 1/2 ft. tall.

I used the loop weave technique to make the mermaid like tail.

The loop weave technique was invented by Sabina Kellner. You can inquire about her tutorial for it and see her wonderful work on her website,

It just came together. I decided to use 5 inch rounds for the top body and use grey¬†260’s for a bearded effect. I wanted it to look mythical,¬†majestic and gentle. It comes bearing a fish and its star sign.

“Modern astrological figure for Capricorn as a fish-tailed goat derives from the depictions of the Sumerian god of water Enki, who was associated with semen and amniotic fluid, and hence with fertility, and commonly represented as a half-goat, half-fish creature.” Quoting Wikipedia.

Hope you like it. To all you Capricorns out there, Here’s your sign! Happy Birthday!


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