425th and 426th Balloon Sculptures, Reindeer in Sack and Santa Set


It was room decorating contest time at the MACC and this time my room was the cafeteria where Santa would be.

I have long admired a picture of Eventos Aizea’s Reindeer in Sack display and decided to see if I could try to figure out how to make it. https://www.facebook.com/159921620718565/photos/pb.159921620718565.-2207520000.1418064941./495081563869234/?type=3&theater.

I had to alter the design a bit to accommodate the Santa seating arrangement. I couldn’t make the candy canes for example as that would intrude too much and make it harder to fit for picture taking.

I tried to figure things out as best I could just by looking at the picture.

I made modifications to the reindeer. First of all mine is bigger. Secondly my legs and hat are different. My eyes are also slightly different. The only thing I didn’t like about his piece was the hat. Everything else I found to be amazingly stunning. Brilliant brilliant man and design!

I loved making the bow! I used the diamond weave technique in order to make it.

I made presents as well as a tree to go with the ensemble and create balance.

People were absolutely delighted with it which made my day!

This is what I love! I am totally with the idea of go big or go home!

Pictures below.

facebook 2

reindeer in sack patricia balloona





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