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433rd Balloon Sculpture, Arch with Snowflakes.


I made this arch with snowflakes for a Blue Cross Blue Shield Holiday event. I modified a Balloon Sage snowflake for the large one, all I did was leave out a circular ring in the middle.

This was my first time making an arch for the outside. The balloons I used were neat because the sunshine made them shine different hues depending on how the light hit them. It was really pretty.

Picture of my work below.

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432nd Balloon Sculpture, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Display


I made this recently. It is 5 ft long and 4 ft high.

This was my first time making a wall like background using quick links. I have some pretty amazing future plans for this style of display and will manifest them into reality next year!

The balloons for the body are green agates which I think you just can’t beat for the caterpillar.

Hope you like it!

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431st Balloon Sculpture, 12 ft tall Christmas Tree


As I have mentioned before, I am all about go big or go home. I love making huge balloon sculptures and displays. That is where my greatest passion is.

I was recently hired by a church to make a huge Christmas Tree for their Christmas Unplugged event.

The request was simply, we want a really big tree that will make a huge impact that is Christmassy but no reindeer or Santa kind of things on it, more like candy canes and whatever your imagination comes up with.

I was told of the theme of their event, that they were having a musical show event called Christmas Unplugged.

I had to come up with the structure of the tree and figure out measurements so the tree itself is an original Patricia Balloona design.

I came up with the idea of a Raphael style cherub angel as the tree topper that was based on my Cupid design with a trumpet and decided to write out in candy cane letters Un-Plugged with a plug underneath it. I think I might be the first person to make a balloon plug,lol. I might also be the first to make candy cane balloon letters.

I also made some instruments and musical notes.

I made a Dylan Gelinas style guitar,

I also made a David Croft style saxophone and a drum based on a picture I saw somewhere on Google.

Below is what I came up with as a result. It was a huge success! 🙂

The Children’s Pastor, Jason Wilson posing with tree below.

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429nth and 430th Balloon Sculptures, Blue Macaw and Tropical Tree


I made this Blue Macaw in Tropical Tree recently for a birthday party.  This pieces stands at 5 ft 8 inches.

I was inspired by a picture of Phileas Flash’s Blue Macaw as far as the face and I tried out for the very first time the loop weave technique and used that for the body.

The loop weave technique was invented by Sabina Kellner. You can inquire about her tutorial for it and see her wonderful work on her website,

The tree is just something I came up with that harkens back to my fall tree I made for my Winnie the Pooh display.

I used the wonderful flower design of my dear friend the Balloon Sage for accents on the tree.

You can see his wonderful tutorial for it here,

Below is what I came up with as a result of marrying all these different inspirations together. 🙂

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427nth and 428th Balloon Sculptures, Garland Wreath and Garland Swag


Here is a garland wreath and a couple of garland swags I made for the decorating contest at the MACC for their Tree Lighting event as well. 🙂

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425th and 426th Balloon Sculptures, Reindeer in Sack and Santa Set


It was room decorating contest time at the MACC and this time my room was the cafeteria where Santa would be.

I have long admired a picture of Eventos Aizea’s Reindeer in Sack display and decided to see if I could try to figure out how to make it.

I had to alter the design a bit to accommodate the Santa seating arrangement. I couldn’t make the candy canes for example as that would intrude too much and make it harder to fit for picture taking.

I tried to figure things out as best I could just by looking at the picture.

I made modifications to the reindeer. First of all mine is bigger. Secondly my legs and hat are different. My eyes are also slightly different. The only thing I didn’t like about his piece was the hat. Everything else I found to be amazingly stunning. Brilliant brilliant man and design!

I loved making the bow! I used the diamond weave technique in order to make it.

I made presents as well as a tree to go with the ensemble and create balance.

People were absolutely delighted with it which made my day!

This is what I love! I am totally with the idea of go big or go home!

Pictures below.

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reindeer in sack patricia balloona