421, 422, and 423rd Balloon Sculptures, Cinderella Mice and Teapot Columns


There was a most lovely tea party event at the Tivoli yesterday. It was called Cinderella and Friends Princess Tea Party.

It was all magical. My daughter absolutely loved it. I made these columns to welcome guests for the event.

I made a girl mouse, and Jaq the good mouse friend of Cinderella. I took my idea of a teapot centerpiece and applied it to being a column.

I took different elements I have seen and put them together to make an original combo for the columns.

The effect came out quite nicely as well as color choices I made.

I put a mouse peaking around and greeting folks on each column.

These were such a hit which made me feel great and brought many magical warm fuzzies.

Art is meant to reach people and move them and mine especially is about bringing awe,  wonder and joy.

Pictures of my work below. 🙂

facebook 15

facebook 17



facebook 9

facebook 4


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