418nth and 419nth Balloon Sculptures, Jack Skellington and 1st Balloon Bouquet


It was my awesome friend Jessi’s birthday recently and she loves the Nightmare Before Christmas.

How could I not make her a Jack Skellington? I just looked at a picture of him from the movie and put it together, I put it together fast too which was nice. I was in the zone and things just came together for me. It is like when you drive home on auto pilot and you don’t even remember how you got home or driving at all.

Drawing the face on was the most nerve wracking.

Also several months ago she bought me a party tank so I could practice making a helium bouquet, I have been waiting till her birthday to use it as of course I would make my practice bouquet for her!

I came up with this Jack Skellington myself and it is a Patricia Balloona original. I also made her my first helium bouquet and let me just say, that party tank did not go very far at all.  It lasted just long enough though for me to make my first bouquet so that was awesome!

She loved it!

Below are pictures of my work.

facebook 3 patricia balloona

facebook 4






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