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I am thankful for my family and friends and am just very reflective right now about how thankful I am for balloon art.

My love and talent for this art has caused me to be braver than I ever thought possible for me to be. I have gone through such a life shock starting a business.

I would never be able to deal with the emotional roller coaster that is trying to start a business and putting myself out there and in situations where I could fail were it not for the magnitude of passion I have with this art and the joy I feel in connecting with people through it.

I have a newfound appreciation for people’s time, a newfound understanding of what it takes to be resourceful and creatively problem solve, a new level of emotional fortitude constantly being developed and tested, a new drive and courage to put myself out there and be proactively engaged with participating in life and my destiny.

I feel empowered and yet constantly vulnerable all the time. Afraid and yet driven.

I want to become a most amazing and competent artist and business woman and the type of human being who can handle everything it takes for that to be so.

I feel an obligation to stick with it because I feel I have a talent and it would be a disgrace to throw it away and not push myself.

I am thankful to have found something that pushes me not to give up and makes me dare to dream so big. I want to dare greatly!

I am so thankful for all who let me share this passion with them. I am so thankful for the lovely support and I can’t tell you enough how it gives me such strength and touches my heart so. Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving!


424th Balloon Sculpture, Cinderella


I also made this Ken Stillman style balloon Cinderella for the Cinderella and Friends Princess Tea Party at the Tivoli last Saturday. I drew the face on myself.

Apparently there was going to be a fight as to who got to officially keep her, lol. Needless to say she was a huge hit. 🙂


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421, 422, and 423rd Balloon Sculptures, Cinderella Mice and Teapot Columns


There was a most lovely tea party event at the Tivoli yesterday. It was called Cinderella and Friends Princess Tea Party.

It was all magical. My daughter absolutely loved it. I made these columns to welcome guests for the event.

I made a girl mouse, and Jaq the good mouse friend of Cinderella. I took my idea of a teapot centerpiece and applied it to being a column.

I took different elements I have seen and put them together to make an original combo for the columns.

The effect came out quite nicely as well as color choices I made.

I put a mouse peaking around and greeting folks on each column.

These were such a hit which made me feel great and brought many magical warm fuzzies.

Art is meant to reach people and move them and mine especially is about bringing awe,  wonder and joy.

Pictures of my work below. 🙂

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420th Balloon Sculpture, 1, 7, and 5 Columns.


It was Chattanooga’s 175th Birthday recently and I was hired to make balloons for its birthday party in Coolidge Park. Talk about a birthday party job!

I made this display to celebrate the 175th Birthday.

It is 3 columns with 1,7, and 5 toppers.

My display endured the cold and wind and sun and looked great even after 4 hrs of being outside!

Happy Birthday Chattanooga!

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418nth and 419nth Balloon Sculptures, Jack Skellington and 1st Balloon Bouquet


It was my awesome friend Jessi’s birthday recently and she loves the Nightmare Before Christmas.

How could I not make her a Jack Skellington? I just looked at a picture of him from the movie and put it together, I put it together fast too which was nice. I was in the zone and things just came together for me. It is like when you drive home on auto pilot and you don’t even remember how you got home or driving at all.

Drawing the face on was the most nerve wracking.

Also several months ago she bought me a party tank so I could practice making a helium bouquet, I have been waiting till her birthday to use it as of course I would make my practice bouquet for her!

I came up with this Jack Skellington myself and it is a Patricia Balloona original. I also made her my first helium bouquet and let me just say, that party tank did not go very far at all.  It lasted just long enough though for me to make my first bouquet so that was awesome!

She loved it!

Below are pictures of my work.

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417nth Balloon Sculpture, Baby


I made this baby recently for a baby boy baby shower.

I was inspired by both Derek Wong and Tatyana DjeTa Lyashko and admired both of their baby designs. I thought to myself, hey I should make a love child as it were of both of their balloon baby styles and this is what I came up with as a result.

It was a huge hit! This is disgustingly cute if I do say so myself!

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416nth Balloon Sculpture, Clown Centerpiece


I was hired to make a centerpiece for a birthday as well as balloon entertainment and so I modified a Derek Wong Jack-in-the-Box and came up with this clown centerpiece below.

I have a huge list of things that I love and want to replicate and this was one of them so it was perfect to have a clown project to do. I really love the challenge of seeing if I can figure out how people did things and also add my own touch and twist as it were.

I should have made the top of the hat smaller but other than that I am very pleased and it was a huge hit at the party.

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