410nth and 411nth Balloon Sculptures, Fall Tree and Winnie the Pooh


I have been experimenting with distortion and I came up with this Winnie the Pooh as result. I am very proud of it. I also just jumped in and made this tree, I just followed my intuition.  I just felt very inspired and in the zone.

I decided I wanted Pooh playing with fall leaves and am also proud of my concept. I am wanting to practice visualizing a scene in my head like I did this one and manifesting them into reality. I want to tell visual stories with balloons.

I also just whipped him up a little hunny pot.

These are all original Patricia Balloona designs as well as the playing in fall leaves concept.

I also wanted it to look like leaves were in motion falling and hope that came through.

Below are pictures of my work and I hope you like it as much as it was fun and exciting for me to make. I just made it for myself to enjoy.

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  1. Very cool!! I love the head tech on Winnie. The leaves do look as though they are falling , though not in the exact way you probably envisioned. Very beautiful art

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