402nd and 403rd Balloon Sculptures, Pacifier and Flower Centerpieces


I was hired to make some decorations for a Briss today. The client wanted pacifier table centerpieces like she had seen on Pinterest and asked if I could make them.

I added my own touch to the design and the point of attachment of my pacifiers to the balloon pole is different than what other people are doing on Pinterest.

I prefer it connected via the geo blossom rather than at the pacifier nipple. I prefer the way it slants and it being even taller as a result.

It was also requested that I make a flower blossom centerpiece conducive to a banquet table.

The colors for this event were blue, white and lime green.

I had a lovely time making these decorations and am thrilled to be doing a décor project as that is where my passion lies. 🙂 Everyone just loved the decorations! Yay!!!!!!!!

It was a lovely event and I had a lovely client and the whole milieu was very  warm and hospitable.

Below are pictures of my work. Mazel tov and Happy Twisting!

facebook 2



facebook 3





 facebook 1



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