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412th Balloon Sculpture, Piglet


I am still experimenting with distortion. I came up with this balloonification design for Piglet.

I need to make his cheeks bigger.

I am having a lot of fun playing around and just challenging myself to come up with original work.

I am just looking at drawings and seeing how I can try to imitate and translate shapes.

I picture Piglet on his way to bring Pooh some honey. I have some beautiful ivy in my yard that made for a great background.

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410nth and 411nth Balloon Sculptures, Fall Tree and Winnie the Pooh


I have been experimenting with distortion and I came up with this Winnie the Pooh as result. I am very proud of it. I also just jumped in and made this tree, I just followed my intuition.  I just felt very inspired and in the zone.

I decided I wanted Pooh playing with fall leaves and am also proud of my concept. I am wanting to practice visualizing a scene in my head like I did this one and manifesting them into reality. I want to tell visual stories with balloons.

I also just whipped him up a little hunny pot.

These are all original Patricia Balloona designs as well as the playing in fall leaves concept.

I also wanted it to look like leaves were in motion falling and hope that came through.

Below are pictures of my work and I hope you like it as much as it was fun and exciting for me to make. I just made it for myself to enjoy.

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408th and 409nth Balloon Sculptures, Star and 11 ft. Tall Minion


I feel I just leveled up in balloon making skill,lol. I made and donated this to my kiddo’s school and they incorporated it into their pep rally and a kid leadership program they are initiating to help inspire their students called Shine.

This is a Dante Longhi balloonified design that I replicated and modified. This structure, when you include the star, is made up of 1,000 balloons! It stands at 11 ft tall.

I had to disassemble and reassemble it in order to get it to the gym. I had to put it on the poles all by myself which was a daunting task let me tell you,lol.

The eyeball was super tricky and I wrestled with that alone for an hour,lol.

The star I made with no framing whatsoever and it uses nothing but round balloons.

Below is what I made and it brought me to tears to hear all the students and teachers react when the curtain was pulled back for a dramatic reveal. It was such a powerful and instantly connecting moment.

For me this is just a stepping stone to the really even bigger plans and goals I have in my head. I want to make sculptures that reflect in size the magnitude of my passion.

For me art is meant to be shared and there is nothing more wonderful and meaningful than bring awe and wonder out in adults as well as children.

Hope you like it as much as I liked making it. 🙂

Video of it here,

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407nth Balloon Sculpture, Teapot and Hot Cup of Tea Centerpiece


I just fell in love with a picture of an awesome balloon artist, Anna Nikitina’s, Teapot and Cup, so I made one in its spirit with my own twist and also turned it into a centerpiece. 🙂

I just looked at the picture and then problem solved on my own. I have been wanting to make a Teapot for a long while now and am just now getting to it. 🙂

Picture below. 🙂

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405th and 406th Balloon Sculptures, Hyacinth Flower in Flower Pot


Thanks to my good friend the Balloon Sage, I came across this guy, Сергей Логинов, on Youtube who has great tutorials.

A couple of which are for a balloon Hyacinth,, and a flower pot=

The tutorials are done very well and the gentleman does not speak English but his video instructions are very clear and he does very beautiful work.

Here is my replication of his Pot and Hyacinth. 🙂

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404th Balloon Sculpture, Baby Bottle and Baby Centerpiece


I was just playing around today and decided to recreate some things I had seen on Pinterest but put my own twist on it. 😉

I wanted to make a balloon baby bottle and turn it into a centerpiece and partner with it a balloon baby sucking on a pacifier. The bottle and baby are styles I had seen on Pinterest.

I turned it into a centerpiece and also added some flowers and I really like what I came up with as far as making the curves with the 2 flowers and how I angled everything. I put the bottle on top of a clear pole which for some reason I haven’t seen anyone do. I tried to balance everything out with the baby and the flowers and I just really like how everything came out and the color combo  I chose. 🙂

Below is a picture of what I came up with, hope you like it. 🙂

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402nd and 403rd Balloon Sculptures, Pacifier and Flower Centerpieces


I was hired to make some decorations for a Briss today. The client wanted pacifier table centerpieces like she had seen on Pinterest and asked if I could make them.

I added my own touch to the design and the point of attachment of my pacifiers to the balloon pole is different than what other people are doing on Pinterest.

I prefer it connected via the geo blossom rather than at the pacifier nipple. I prefer the way it slants and it being even taller as a result.

It was also requested that I make a flower blossom centerpiece conducive to a banquet table.

The colors for this event were blue, white and lime green.

I had a lovely time making these decorations and am thrilled to be doing a décor project as that is where my passion lies. 🙂 Everyone just loved the decorations! Yay!!!!!!!!

It was a lovely event and I had a lovely client and the whole milieu was very  warm and hospitable.

Below are pictures of my work. Mazel tov and Happy Twisting!

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